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While I haven't had a chance to read as many comic books as I would like, I am still a huge superhero fan and try to read up on things on a
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As 2016, the year of the superhero movies, is finally here, I just wanted to take a moment to make a simple request that I know most people wont follow... can we PLEASE just appreciate the movies that are coming out this year and not bit*h and complain about how they all suck and nitpick every little detail.

Now I know that seems like a simple request but in all reality that is not the case. It seems like every day there is a new article coming out about one of the movies in which everyone is either bashing the movie or calling other people idiots for not agreeing with their every thought.

Now I know that some movies don't always live up to the hype (looking at you X-Men 3) but that doesn't mean we still cant appreciate what we have this year. As a 28 year old, I grew up watching cartoons and playing video games like the rest of you. I was not able to read many comic books due to being very poor, but what I did read I LOVED. It didn't matter if it was Marvel or DC, to me they were all just super heroes who wanted to save the world from whatever threat was presented to them and that is what I am trying to do today, save the world from all the negative Nancy's out there that want to bad mouth and bash everything they watch because it isn't what they would have done.

Now I get that some complaints are needed (X-Men origins Wolverine, I think we can all universally agree they royally f*cked up deadpool) but there are still a lot of good things happening in the comicbook movie world.

As a child, I never would have imagined getting to see my favorite superheroes in a movie. Little alone seeing seven of them in on year. I mean, my 8 year old child is jumping for joy knowing we will get to see Batman and Superman on the big screen together for the first time. Or getting to see Apocalypse (my personal favorite villain of all time) battle the x-men. I'm not saying there won't be some bad things about any of the movies but the fact that they are happening should have everyone excited.

This year is going to have so many comicbook movies coming out. Some will be all time classics, some won't live up to the hype, but the fact that they are being made is a thing of pure joy for most of us. Even if you don't like one universe over the other, doesn't mean that they don't have great things about it. Yeah DC might be doing things a little different than Marvel, but Marvel did things different from the movies that started it all, the X-Men universe, and I think that worked out okay. Each property has its faults but also each property has great things about it.

I'm not expecting the movies to be just like the comics or the cartoons I use to watch, but I also don't want that to happen either. What is the point of making it the exact same thing when you have a chance to tell a new story. While taking key points from the comics is a good thing, if you want the exact same story then just go read the comics again. I like when the films are different (except X-Men origins Wolverine screwing up deadpool, that was just wrong on many MANY levels). I am in no way expecting Civil War to be the same as the comicbook, nor should it be.

So all I ask of you before all these movies come out is can we please just take a minute to appreciate what we have instead of complaining and nitpicking every little aspect of every movie and just be happy for once.


Which superhero movie are you most excited to see this summer?


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