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"Zip it, Sinead!"

I had the immense pleasure of watching Deadpool last night and ever since my head has been swimming with snarky one-liners, Easter Eggs, and shoutouts to DC, Marvel, and the many prior misadventures of Ryan Reynolds in the realm of superheroes.

So, in honor of what may just be the most outrageously funny superhero movie ever made, here are 12 epic Easter Eggs you should look out for when watching Deadpool. No plot spoilers ahead, fear not.

1. Just when you thought you were safe...

If you thought Reynolds's notorious attempt at becoming DC's Green Lantern would go unaddressed, you were horribly wrong. Nobody enjoys tearing that trainwreck apart more than RR himself, and within 20 seconds of Deadpool's slo-mo satirical credit sequence, the CGI horror of the Green Lantern has popped up in the wallet of a henchman Deadpool is beating the crap out of.

2. CGI shade

Those opening credits were laced with references to "God's perfect idiot" (that would be Deadpool), "A hot chick," "A gratuitous cameo" (we'll get to that later), and, best of all, "an entirely CGI character."

As entirely CGI characters go, Colossus was a total triumph. He didn't look (too) ridiculous. But could that be a reference to the CGI hideousness of Thing from last year's huge FOX bomb The Fantastic Four? Surprisingly, F4 had no other jokes made at its expense, so I like to imagine this was one.

3. Fondling Wolverine's balls

Deadpool is possibly the most meta movie you will ever see. Early on, the Merc addresses the insanity of the fact that he has his own movie with the line: "Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my own movie? Can't tell ya — but it rhymes with Pulverine!" It's the first in a long list of Wolverine references.

4. The X-door

At the mansion of Colossus and his protege Negasonic Teenage Warhead (who is brilliant and needs a much bigger role in the sequel), the pair walk through a steel door branded with a big X. Again, just the first of many X-men references.

5. Oh no they didn't...

This is, technically, Ryan Reynolds's fourth attempt at doing the superhero thing. There was Blade Trinity, which was kind of decent. There was Green Lantern, which was fairly shameful. But neither of these holds a candle to the botched appearance of Deadpool in X-Men: Origins, his mouth inexplicably sewn shut.

There was not a cat in hell's chance Reynolds was going to let that fly, and a brief cameo by the X-Men: Origins action doll figure of that f*cked-up version of the Merc gets one of the biggest laughs of the whole movie. My jaw was on the floor.

6. "Please don't make the super-suit green. Or animated!"

This one is pretty self-explanatory. One Green Lantern quip was never going to be enough.

7. Captain Deadpool?

When he returns to the bar, having been mutated and mutilated by Ajax/Francis, Wade looks up at the chalk board death pool and realizes he's found his superhero alias. "Deadpool... Captain Deadpool!"

Could that be a sly reference to the various "pool" characters in the Marvel comics, like Gwenpool and Lady Deadpool? Possibly, possibly not. But it gives birth to the instant classic Deadpool rap, so it's all good.

8. A sneaky DC reference

In the taxi with Dopinder, Deadpool flicks stations and we briefly hear the iconic transition theme tune from ABC's 1966 live-action Batman series. And really, don't you picture Deadpool as more a fan of the Justice League than the Avengers? This was a fun nod to Marvel's arch-rival.

9. Your friendly neighborhood Deadpool

During the highway confrontation between Colossus and Deadpool, the road signs and street names are all inspired by producers, VFX coordinators, director Tim Miller — and, best of all, Spider-Man! Who wants to take a trip down Parker Boulevard?

10. Christmas came early

Deadpool is obsessed with Christmas. Don't pretend you didn't think Wade and Vanessa's post-Christmas sex proposal wasn't the cutest thing ever.

So the slo-mo, Matrix-esque bullet-time sequence with Deadpool killing a bunch of henchmen with only 12 bullets feels like a direct nod to the most wonderful time of the year. The ultimate irony: Deadpool is so good, it really does feel like Christmas came early.

11. Negasonic is not the only one blowing shit up

Negasonic Teenage Warhead's ability to channel supersonic energy into an explosive charge is undeniably badass — but she's also good for a quip or two, like the sly reference she makes to the X-mansion constantly being blown up.

Those who are stoked for [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) will know there's a scene in the trailer in which the X-mansion is blown to smithereens. Negasonic called it.

12. And finally... an emo 'Blade' shoutout

When Ajax and Angel Dust show up at Weasel's bar, dressed head to toe in black leather, Weasel sends them on their way with the epic quip: "Have fun at your midnight showing of Blade 2!"

Quite appropriate, given that Deadpool is the first Marvel movie to capture the sheer badassery of Blade since, well, Blade Trinity. God bless Ryan Reynolds.


Which was your favorite Marvel/DC Easter Egg in Deadpool?


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