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Sadly, there is still a lot of intolerance surrounding LGBT people, but these nine celebs are all doing their bit to bring homosexuality into the mainstream by being openly proud and supportive of their gay siblings.

Whether it is speaking out in solidarity, supporting LGBT charities or simply being totally chill with the idea of having a gay brother or sister, these awesome stars are a shining example to the rest of the world.

1. Colin Farrell

Before gay marriage became legal in Ireland last year, Colin released a video urging people to support the bill and spoke of how the decision would affect his gay brother, Eamon. In an impassion plea, Farrell told audiences:

“The fact that my brother had to leave Ireland to have his dream of being married become real is insane. INSANE!”

2. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway and her family were so supportive of her brother Michael when he came out as gay that her and her family gave up their Catholic faith because of its uncompromising view on LGBT people. Anne explained that:

The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out. Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?


3. Adam Levine

Adam Levine has been vocal about the ignorant view that people choose to become gay, he told the press that:

"I can single-handedly dispel any ideas that sexuality is acquired. Trust me: you’re born with it. My brother is gay, and we knew when he was 2. We all knew."

4. Chloe Grace Moretz

Wise Moretz has talked out openly and extensively in support of her two gay brothers and her wish that society would be more open to people who are different from them, she explained:

"To see my brothers struggle with the anxiety of having to come out was awful. At 11, you’re incredibly observant and realizing what society is, and who you are, and people are kissing boys or girls for the first time, and you’re really starting to understand what sexuality is. The problem is we live in a society where we have to say the words, ‘I’m coming out.’ No one should care what your sexual orientation is, what color your skin is, or if you’re a man or a woman. People would call them the F-word, and I would get so angry,” she says. “It was really hard to see my brothers be hated on or bullied, so I stood up for them. We shouldn’t be using these terms to create more labels and segregate us further apart than we already are."

5. Max Carver

The Carver twins have both worked together in shows like Teen Wolf and The Leftovers and they weren't going to let a little thing like one of them coming out tear them apart.

When his brother Charlie came out, his brother Max publicly showed his support by Tweeting:

Brotherly love at its best <3

6. Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes is incredibly close to his gay brother Joshua and Josh's husband, Scott. The siblings often vacation together and Josh and Scott's daughter Wren calls Colton "Uncle Coco." Awwww.

7. Ariana Grande

Ariana Granda and her gay big brother are such close friends that she ran his Twitter for him while he was in the Big Brother House and homophobia is the one thing that turns her into a "raving lunatic," she told the press that:

"I hate the intolerance. I hate the judgment. I hate it so much. It's something I'm super passionate about, because whenever I would see my friends get bullied, or my brother get hurt for his sexuality, I would become a raging lunatic. I would literally become a raging lunatic because I just can't take it. When you see someone you love hurting, for such a superficial, bulls**t reason, it's like, how small and spiritually unenlightened and dumb as f**k can a person be?"

8. Richard Gere

Gere has been an advocate for LGBT rights for many years and his gay brother David has been a big inspiration, when asked about his thoughts on gay marriage, Richard said:

"My brother is gay and he got married in that brief period when gay marriage was allowed in California. He has two great kids and is a wonderful father.”

9. Chis Evans

Evans has no qualms about walking the red carpet or appearing on talk shows with his gay brother Scott and he admires his "bravery" in coming out, he explained:

"I was so glad that he did. That’s got to be a difficult transition, but I come from the most liberal household you have ever heard of. I think my mother was praying for [both of] us to be gay, so at least she got one of us."

Do you know any other celebs who are right behind their LGBT siblings?

(Source: Pink News and Logo)


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