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So yesterday Bob Iger announced that filming is officially underway for [Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868). With that in mind here are 5 things I personally want to see in the next installment:

5. Bad-ass Luke

The Original Trilogy showed us Luke's journey to becoming a Jedi Knight. But let's be frank, Vader did most of the heavy-lifting in the end (pun intended). I find it hard pressed to believe that the last Jedi tasked with saving the order straight up abandoned the galaxy to the Darkside because he failed his nephew and has just been sulking for at least a decade.

With the introduction of powers like freezing laser bolts mid-air, I want to see what a fully formed Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has to offer. I know it requires walking a fine line as to not overshadow Rey, but it would be awfully disappointing to have Luke relegated solely to an Obi-Wan/Yoda figure who just spouts out Force wisdom and ends up being 'sexy baggage.'

4. The Knights of Ren in action

We have no reason to believe that the Knights of Ren are a thing of the past, but we really don't know what role they play within the First Order if any at all, or what they were doing during The Force Awakens. We can assume Luke is going to be training Rey this time around -- having them face off against the Knights of Ren would be a great opportunity to showcase some of Badass Luke without overshadowing Rey, while giving us a real taste of what this mysterious order is all about. A 7-on-2 lightsaber/Force free-for-all could rival any Jedi fight scenes we've witnessed in all of the trilogies combined.

3. Force Sensitive Finn and Poe

In Poe and Finn we can see some elements of the OT characters rehashed in The Force Awakens. A great way to develop these characters beyond the archetypes they were molded after is to take them in a whole new direction as the Next Generation of Jedi. The trilogy doesn't need us to root for another roguish pilot and affable good-hearted young man seeking higher purpose.

Seeing how Rey, Finn and Poe develop their powers and define the future of the Jedi would make a more interesting story over the course of the trilogy. Their personalities as we know them would make for three very distinct Jedi. At the very least we've seen some hints at Poe's potential force-sensitivity, and on a personal note I just really want an answer as to what the meaning of growing up in the shade of a Force Tree has to do with anything, because let's be honest Shattered Empire is really about Poe Dameron.

2. The full force of the First Order

We can guess based on Aftermath that the seeds of the First Order were planted before the Empire expelled its last breath. While Starkiller base featured prominently in The Force Awakens we know it's only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the size and power of the First Order.

I want to see the First Order emerge from the Unknown Regions at full capacity to capitalize on the chaos left with the decimation of the New Republic. How will the neutral systems react? Will we see the Resistance grow in numbers, or be further threatened by systems rushing to join the First Order for fear of obliteration? Along these same lines I want to see Supreme Leader Snoke in the flesh, along with whatever reveal --if there is any-- about who he really is.

1. Rey as a Jedi Knight

As mentioned in the beginning of this list, we already saw a hero make the journey to Jedi Knighthood. We can even argue that Rey's innate Force abilities were further along than Luke's at her age. We don't need to see Rey swinging on vines or doing intricate handstands to believe she's learned the Force. We can save the training montage for Kylo and Snoke.

I want to see Rey as a fully fledged, albeit untested, Jedi Knight. Whether or not she's a Skywalker or Kenobi can be left to Episode 9. I want to see what Luke Skywalker's new generation of Jedi looks like on screen. While I enjoyed the old EU, this is a perfect opportunity to tell that story on the big screen and leave the new expanded universe to tell back or side stories instead.

Well, those are the 5 big things I want to see in Episode 8. So what do you hope to see on the big screen come December 15th, 2017?


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