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Fans of the critically acclaimed second season of Gotham will be clamouring to see more of characters such as Penguin, Riddler and James Gordon when the series returns from the midseason break, as well as newcomers Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange, but there's another character who has been hinted at that we can now confirm will be coming to the second half of season 2.

Play nice Fish.
Play nice Fish.

We've already seen this character hinted at by all of the evil guys that Theo Galvan was working with, the Order of St. Dumas. Yeah, the ones that tried to sacrifice Bruce in the midseason finale.

As comic book fans will know, when the Order of St Dumas is scorned, much like they were by Jim Gordon and co at that attempted sacrifice, they have someone that they send in to get revenge. And that is exactly what's going to happen on the show according to Executive Producer John Stephens. That character?


Azrael with Batman in Arkham Knight
Azrael with Batman in Arkham Knight

The warrior of vengeance has been both a friend and a foe to Batman down the years, and even became batman for a short period! He first appeared in Batman: Sword of Azrael in 1992, and has since become a recurring character in various titles. His original purpose was, as he put it, to "enforce Gods will" in the name of the sacred order of St Dumas. The main Azrael was Jean-Paul Valley, but he has been through other various incarnations throughout the years. He even had his own title that ran for over a hundred issues!

When Batman had his back broken by Bane (just like in The Dark Knight Rises) he allowed Azrael to take over as Batman. However, after building a high-tech suit and defeating Bane, Azrael started to go off of the rails and got rid of Tim Drake (Robin) as well as allowing criminals to die. Batman got back on his feet and took the Batman mantle back from Azrael eventually.

Now, as to the depiction of Azrael coming to Gotham, executive producer John Stephens had this to say:

"In many respects, Azrael will have many of the hallmarks and traits that we know from the comics. But it will have a brand-new twist upon that character; the way we're going to bring that character into being on our show will be different than anything we've seen in the comics."

"It will be identifiable as Azrael in all respects, just a version of him we've not seen before, which is the point of doing these! How can we do the character with a fresh twist?"

However, when asked about the most identifiable trait of Azrael, his famous burning sword, Stephens said:

"That, I have to say, wait and see."

Whether or not we see every single part of the comic book version brought to life, it is great to know that another Batman character will be joining Gotham!

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