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Disclaimer: This article discusses the character of Eddie in the film, which is based on Eddie Edwards' story.

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards never had it easy - but he also never gave up, and that's why his story is the one being told on the big screen today. Here are 5 great lessons he personifies, which one should always remember in the pursuit of following our dreams.

1. You're never too old to go after a dream.

As the movie will mention many, many times, most jumpers start at age 5 or 6. Eddie decided he would become an Olympian in his late 20s. Is this crazy? Perhaps. Is it amazing? Definitely.

2. Don't take 'no' for an answer.

I HAVE to do this! - Taron Egerton as Eddie Edwards
I HAVE to do this! - Taron Egerton as Eddie Edwards

Eddie gets turned away from everything he's ever wanted in his life, as the trailer will tell you. His reaction to this is to simply keep his chin up, and say: "So what's new?"

So what's new?

Some people get depressed when the barista messes up their mocha venti triple latte. Eddie picks himself back up from every set back, reminding us that if you can choose between natural talent and perseverance, choose perseverance every time.

3. Pick yourself back up when you get told 'NO.'

Okay, realistically, there's no way we can always get away with not taking 'no' for an answer. The reason why Eddie the Eagle is, to this day, considered a legend is not because he was a champion. He is remembered not for his talents, but for his unbreakable spirit. He was constantly knocked down but would not stay down, and amidst the film's humor, tension, and excitement - this amazing show of spirit is what shines most brilliantly.

4. Believe in yourself.

It's no secret that Eddie is an underdog. But before somebody is established as an underdog, they have to start out as a loser. Everybody loves an underdog, and before you become a champion you have to suck - it's both a harsh truth and perfect motivation.

5. Keep your good spirit strong.

This film is an inspirational mix of action, comedy and sports genres. You'll find yourself holding your breath from suspense, and shaking your head in laughter all within the same film. But ultimately, Eddie the Eagle is a truly endearing character who you can't help but love because he refuses to stay down, and that speaks to us as humans above all else.

Despite everything that happened to Eddie, he won the hearts of people worldwide as he propelled himself into the 1988 Calgary Olympics. He won over a world that didn't - or, wouldn't - care about him, with his hard work, dedication, and unwavering spirit.


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