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With Deadpool ready to explode this weekend (according to the internet) I wanted to look back at Ryan Reynolds career and sum it up in five facts. I've always felt like Hollywood never knew what to do with the guy and he has been steadily coming into his own in the last few years. His career has been a rollercoaster ride full of ups (The Proposal) and downs (R.I.P.D.) and it has been fun to watch.

The following post examines the best and worst of Reynold's career and proves his filmography has been very random.

1. Top Five Critically Rated Films According to Rotten Tomatoes

Mississippi Grind and Adventureland are easily my favorite Reynolds performances because they blend his trademark humor with a dose of sadness. He is at his best when the snark meter is turned down and it is balanced with actual emotion.

1. Mississippi Grind - 90%

2. Adventureland - 88%

3. Buried - 87%

4. The Voices - 72%

5. Definitely, Maybe - 71%

2. Top Audience Rated films According to IMDb

I was really surprised to see the users over at IMDb rated Woman in Gold the highest. It is a solid film but I thought one of his cult classics like Waiting or Van Wilder would top the list.

1. Woman in Gold - 73%

2. Buried - 70%

3. Waiting, Safe House, Adventureland, Chaos Theory - 68%

3. Top Five Box Office Hits

Reynolds wasn't the star of Origins but his Deadpool portrayal left a big impression on the comic book world. He was really good when he didn't have his mouth sewn shut.

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - $209, 783,200

2. The Croods - 197,893,100

3. The Proposal - $191,176,400

4. Safe House - $138,730,800

5. Green Lantern - $126,201,000

4. Reynolds Five Comic Book Films Ranked By Critical Score

I am really happy to see Deadpool doing well because Reynolds other comic book/graphic novel adaptations have been massive letdowns.

1. Deadpool - 81%

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - 38%

3. Green Lantern - 26%

4. Blade: Trinity - 25%

5. R.I.P.D. - 13%

5. Lowest Rated Films According to Rotten Tomatoes

I still don't believe that R.I.P.D. happened. Have you watched it? It is really bad.

1. R.I.P.D. 13%

2. National Lampoon's Van Wilder - 19%

3. Fireflies in the Garden - 20%

4. Self/less - 21%

5. The Amityville Horror - 23%


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