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Satoru is closer to finding his villain than ever before!

When last weeks episode ending I had a strong feeling that Arri was going to make it out of that burning house. I was right before Satoru runs into the house to save her. She gains consciousness briefly and gives him her phone that could expose him even further if she kept it. His manager shows up and takes her to take to the hospital because Satoru is still a wanted man at this point.

The next day he meets an old friend of his mothers, who is a reporter and even has records of all the past abductions including Kayo's. They try to figure who this mysterious figure could be and how he has been able to stay invisible for so long. Later in the episode its mentioned that he could be a council member of some kind, one that has control and it able to go under a different alias than we would know.

It begins to look like the police are going to treat Arri as a suspect now, being involved with Satoru's mother death and even helping his escape and hide form the police. This doesn't last long though because Arri sneaks out of the hospital having her mother take her place. She goes to meet Satoru one last time before the police show up and capture him. It looks like either they caught her mother or they knew that she left and followed her.

This all builds up to Satoru accepting the capture and goes calmly, but as he is being taken away someone is watching on the side lines. He turns to look at this person and notices immediately that it is the culprit! The one that has been invisible this entire time. What makes it more interesting is that time seems to slow down drastically, I don't know if it just for added effect or it was really going on in the world. If that is the case, that this person that Satoru is after does indeed have time travel powers as well.

It all connects to the name of the episode, Grim Reaper, as this villain has gone out of his way to make sure that people Satoru saves end up dying regardless of how much he changes in the past. But what makes this person cleaver is that he strategically plans out everything in advance, making sure that someone is framed perfectly so the police has someone to go after. This is someone who has been playing the long game, but the question is, Does he know about Satoru's time traveling powers?" We will know soon enough, because I have a feeling we are going to see Satoru go after this person head on very soon!

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