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While we still won't be seeing the full reunion we had hoped for, it's still a comfort knowing that the case of Friends are still close over a decade after the show's final episode aired. Recently, the gang got back together to honor famed television director James Burrows.

Today, we got our first official look at the group of Friends actors all together again for the first time in years. The photographs includes David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow alongside the man they're honoring, James Burrows.


The only thing missing is Matthew Perry - a.k.a. Miss Chanandler Bong -who is currently in London for his play, an orange couch, and the giant Central Perk coffee mugs.


Look at that stunning group! Seeing them together has me thinking that maybe they're just each other's lobsters.

Friends isn't the only group we can expect to see during the special. There will also be appearances by The Big Bang Theory, Cheers, and Will & Grace. Based on Burrows' reaction, it sounds like things will get a little emotional.

“The casts of Friends were mingling with The Big Bang Theory and Cheers and Will & Grace. When the camera cuts to me, I’m not crying, I just got a speck of dust in my eye.”

The special James Burrows tribute will air on NBC on February 21.

What's your favorite 'Friends' episode?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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