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Delayed Casualty: An AOS Fan-fiction

Every night it's the same dream. Blood every where and screaming. Then, at the end of the dream, peace. The screaming fades away and the blood disappears. I wake up in a cold sweat to the smell of coffee and the sound of Benny Goodman wafting from the kitchen. She's been up since five am, and always lets me sleep til six. Every morning, the same routine. I don't mind our routines, she loves me. After a hot shower and refreshing shave, I slip into the kitchen behind her and give her a hug and kiss on the back of her neck, then settle down for breakfast. Light toast, coffee and two perfectly fried eggs. I grab the paper beside the plate and begin pouring over the woes of the world. Civil unrest, murder-bots, cities falling out of the sky. Today, the morning headlines read: "IN-HUMANS AMONG US...friends or foes?" Don't know why I even bother reading the paper. Last week the ATCU put out an all points bulletin for some guy with the power to control electricity. Imagine that! The alert was taken down a few days later and the world seemed to return to normal. Putting down the paper and finishing my breakfast, I get up, get dressed and head to the office. It's not much, but it's all mines and we do very good business. My wife works as the receptionist, but I'm always the first one in. Opening the door, turning on the lights, computers, fax machine and coffee maker. I stand and look around the place. Like opening day all over again. Everything brand new and fresh. Routine. Nothing out of place, nothing different. Yet, SOMETHING is missing. I can't put my finger on it, so I go on about my day. Greeting my wife, seeing to my clients, enjoying a good joke or mourning over sad stories. We are family in this town. We all know each others name. Every face that walks through my door is familiar. Routine. The last client is gone and the day is done. My wife has gone home to make dinner and I'm left to close up shop. Lights off, computers off, fax machine and coffee maker off. Even the sunset is routine as i walk home. Same yellowy-orange glow over the library and town center. Same kids playing in the streets, riding bikes or playing on the playground. I'm three houses away from home when I smell dinner cooking. (My wife is an excellent cook). When I get inside I go straight to her, a hug and kiss on the cheek. I wash up for dinner and then settle down to the sounds of jazz, the aroma of dinner and her smile. We toast to another great day, take a sip and begin to eat. Routine. I don't remember going to bed, NOT routine and the dream is more detailed tonight. Everyone in town was there. Not routine. I see each face I know, smiling at first, then screaming in horror. I can almost taste the blood. In my dream I feel afraid...afraid of how powerful I am. In my dream, I run from house to house knocking on doors and slaughtering whomever answers. Not routine. I begin screaming in my dream. I want to wake up, but I can't. Just more and more blood. I'm covered in it. The dream is so vivid. Then, suddenly, silence and darkness. I open my eyes, but I don't, immediately recognize my surroundings. The fog clears and I'm in my office. Laying in a pool of blood. I get up, confused, and remove my bloody clothes. I kept an extra set of clothing in my office. I washed up, changed and then went outside...and was instantly horrified. There were bodies everywhere. The town sheriff was there, impaled on the wrought iron fence of the library. Taking in the scene I ran straight home, heart pounding in my throat. I reach home to find the front door had been ripped off and my wife, my beautiful, wonderful wife...had been ripped to pieces. Her head on the table with a look of permanent shock on her otherwise angelic face. I...loved least I thought I did. Looking around the blood-splattered dinning area, I notice the newspaper. The last thing I remembered seeing before the "dream" took over. That evenings headline read: "COME AND SAVE THE DAISIES. BEST DAY EVER !!" I began to shudder and heard something behind me. I spun around and saw a face I hadn't seen in town, but I knew. He smiled, cocked his head to the left, I saw something squirming under his skin as he said..."We've been looking for a monster, welcome back Dr. Johnson".


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