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Agents of Shield Fan Fiction:

Daisys Skye Quake

(as he walked into the control room, he could tell she was lost in thought. He stopped just a few steps short and waited until she felt him behind her. Still startled as she turned around, she attempted to hide it with a smile...always the smile)


"Hey yourself."

(always the smile)

"We haven't had much time to know, everything. How are you?"

"I'm...amazingly good. Fitz and Coulson made it back...I escaped a collapsing castle...Ward is're here...and safe."

(again with the smile)

"Yea, well as great as that is. Not what I'm talking about. How"

(he saw that she knew what he meant. the smile faded and she began to sob. he took her into his arms and held her for a moment, then lead her slowly out of the control room and into the interrogation room. closing the door, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed the tracks the tears left on her face. she buried her face in his chest for a moment, then stepped away from him, head down. the room trembled slightly, then she began)

"Before you met me. Before....ANY of this. I was just, Sky. A twenty something year old, in my van. Searching for my parents. Never did I ever imagine how I would feel when I found them. they are. My father turned out to be a murderous manic and my mom was...insane. As if knowing this isn't traumatic enough...I watched my Father...Kill my order to save me. I don't know if I'll ever be...truly..ok. I'm afraid, all of the time...that who they were is somewhere inside of me. Will I snap one day and...go on a murderous rampage or take this team of gifted individuals and start my own attack against humanity. I....I know who I am...but what if I'm as wrong about me as I was about them ?"

(no smile. just those eyes staring into his soul searching for comfort. he gave it to her. standing close to her and leaning inches from her face, he took her hands in his and said...)

"You are completely insane...but your not crazy. I know crazy. I, don't..know...who you were before we met. I do This you, who would risk her life to save a friend. This you...who has overcome so much. This you, who gave me hope and stood by me...If you your's the best parts of them. Your father's drive...and your mother's passion. This you...I love."

(the smile was back. he pressed his lips against hers and held them there. after an eternity she pulled away. eyes, lovingly thanking him. again with the smile.)

"Thank you...Doctor Shock Therapy."

(a bonus smile, then she kissed him again. four seconds later, the base alarms sounded.)


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