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Kristin Lai

The reviews for Deadpool are already rolling in and, unsurprisingly, things are looking pretty great for the Merc with a Mouth!

Amid all the reviews, there's really only one opinion that's worth anything, and it belongs to Betty White. Today, the Golden Girl and national treasure screened Ryan Reynold's bloody superhero comedy and gave it two big thumbs up.

If this photo isn't endorsement enough, Betty also posted this fantastic video discussing how much she loved the film. In true Deadpool style, she did anything but censor her feelings about the movie.

This glowing, f**k-filled review may seem like a biased opinion, given her past work with Reynolds in The Proposal, but I trust Betty would only give us her honest opinion.

'Deadpool' premiers on February 12, so make sure to buy your tickets and make your Valentine's Day weekend a special one!


Are you going to watch Deadpool this weekend?


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