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We always say that time flies when you're having fun, but when you're a speedster times passes in the blink of an eye. Since his creation in 1940, The Flash has entertained audiences all around the world with his amazing character and astonishing speed. Just as the Flash himself underwent a series of different alter egos, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West, just to mention a few, the small screen (and more recently the big screen) has also seen quite a variety of faces.

From Jay to the rest of the Allen family, all have made an appearance, one way or another (though for simplicity's sake, animation won't be discussed in this article). Admittedly, a majority of the actors played Barry Allen, the second Flash, all speedsters in the Flash family should, someday, have the opportunity to wow fans.

So, the question now is, how many faces of the Flash do you know?

Rod Haase

The first known actor to portray the scarlet speedster was Rod Haase in 1979's television series, Legends of the Superheroes. Haase played the Flash alongside other iconic Justice League members in one of their first ever TV appearances. Although Haase has not left as much of a mark on the cinematic world as some other superhero celebrities, he will forever be known as the first man to play the iconic Barry Allen.

1. John Wesley Shipp

It was over a decade later, in 1990, that the Flash was given his very own TV show called The Flash (do not confuse it with the one currently airing, they are a good 25 years apart). This time everyone's favorite speedster, Barry Allen, was portrayed by John Wesley Shipp, who you may know from Dawson's Creek and Teen Wolf, in one of the Flash's most memorable appearances yet. What you may not know is that in 2014's The Flash, Shipp plays the role of the current Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) dad, Henry Allen, thus proving that, once a speedster, always a speedster.

Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston was the next actor lucky enough to play Flash in the 1997 TV movie Justice League of America. Sadly, Johnston didn't have much luck reprising the role because, after being labelled as 'unsuccessful,' the Justice League of America was forced into an early retirement. However, although it seemed the red tights weren't destined for Johnston, he continues to act in a number of short films to this very day.

Grant Gustin

It was 17 years later that The Flash finally got the publicity and fame he deserved. Once again under the name of Barry Allen, Grant Gustin was the next actor to bear the lightning bolt in the currently airing The Flash television series. Having sung with the Glee stars and fought besides Oliver Queen in Arrow, fans are loving every moment's of Gustin's Flash. Who would have thought that it would be 70 years after his creation that the Flash would finally earn the fame and recognition he deserved?

Ezra Miller

Although, so far, it's been mere rumors, it seems possible that Barry Allen may also be making his debut appearance on the big screen in 2016's Batman v Superman movie. Flash, this time played by Ezra Miller, will finally be taking his well deserved place besides the DC stars Batman and Superman. It has also been released that Miller's Flash will be making an appearance in 2017's The Justice League and the possibility of a Flash film hitting the big screen in 2018 is all but certain. It seems that Flash may be making a few more appearances in the upcoming years.

Teddy Sears

It may be sacrilege not to mention Teddy Sears, who seems the only actor so far to ever portray Jay Garrick, the first and original Flash. Making his debut live-action appearance alongside Gustin in The Flash (2016), it's about time the original speedster had his chance to shine.

Keiynan Lonsdale

Also making his first live-action appearance in The Flash (2016), Wally West has finally appeared. Although currently lacking (or hiding) any Flash worthy speed, Lonsdale may be the first man ever to take up the title of Kid Flash and may, eventually, grow to become the third Flash.

Kyle Gallner

Bart Allen made his sole live-action appearance in the ever famous Smallville TV series. Portrayed by Kyle Gallner, this young speedster, known as Impulse and, later, as the second Kid Flash was last seen in 2010 and I think it's about time he make a reappearance. Who knows, with all the time travel going about in The Flash, he might just make an unexpected appearance one of these days.

So there you go! All the actors who were lucky enough to wear the scarlet suit of fastest man alive! Admittedly, the Flash had a rocky start but it seems that, at last, the world is finally realizing just how awesome he really is and we might be seeing him and his fellow speedsters hit the screens in the near future!


Who is your favourite Flash?


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