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If you grew up a child of the '80s (and heck, even if you didn't), you remember the cartoons, the comics, and of course, the toys. The '80s were such a magical time, some (if not most) of those franchises are still alive and kicking today.

Doing some research I learned that most of these cartoons were made with the only purpose of selling toys, rather than being offended by this, I was inspired. Being a comic book writer I thought, what If I created a line of toys first, and then come up with a crazy story to tie the whole concept together?

I partnered with my friend (and comic artist) David Marquez to help me design the characters, their weapons, their vehicles, play sets and so on.

We came up with four different worlds, there is 'Dojoria' a world full of ninjas, 'Sangri-La' is inhabited by Barbarians, 'Mondo Extremo' is roamed by extreme sports mutant aficionados, and then there is 'Moondance', a planet where Dinosaurs wear astronaut suits, gold chains, and have an obsession with Hip Hop music.

All of these four worlds would be put to war by a blood thirsty God, who is really just a child from our dimension who has somehow learned to project himself into their worlds, appearing as a mighty deity. All we needed now was an epic '80s cartoon title, enter, MASTER OF THE LORDS.

If you like '80s Cartoons or just crazy fun, you can read the complete first chapter of MASTER OF THE LORDS for Free HERE!

Also, we are currently running a fundraising campaign to help us finish the complete Graphic Novel, if you want to donate or get tons of cool perks, you can do it HERE.

Lastly, you can hear the three track mini soundtrack by ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DROIDS down below, we hope it takes you back to your magical childhood (again, even if you didn't grew up in the '80s).

P.S. Please let me know if you liked it in the comments section below and follow me on Twitter for the latest updates on Master of the Lords and other projects I'm working on.


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