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Michael Carline

I just watched the latest trailer for BVS and something dawned on me. DC and WB did something absolutely brilliant with this movie. I mean something that almost every other comic book movie does wrong this movie actually did right. For once we are not getting a full on origin story for a character that is known and loved. It hit me like a ton of bricks that we weren't going to have to spend 2 hrs watching a familiar story that we all already know just to wait for a 15 min showdown between two characters we know and love.

Think about all the origin stories we have to sit through, hell Sony named one of their movies X-Men Origins Wolverine. Each time they reboot a series they tell an origin story, that means we have had to sit through 2 Spider-man origins, at least 2 Superman origins, 2 Fantastic Four origins, and already 2 Batman origins. That's not counting all of the origins that haven's had a reboot and the fact every time a new villain is introduced we spend half a movie explaining his or her origin.

So I am not saying that I am against a good origin story, what I am saying is that it's refreshing that we are visiting a world where Batman has already existed. I know that the story of Bruce Wayne's parents will be told but it won't be the focus of the story but a side point. From what we have seen in the clips we are dealing with a world where Batman is already established. We see that at least one Robin is dead and most likely at the hands of the Joker. He is solving crimes and as he says in the trailer that he is getting old. He is already the Batman and the producers know we know the story.

This brings me to my next point on why this is smart, they avoid the trap of messing up the mythology. How many movies have failed because they don't respect the mythology of a character? The producers do something crazy like say make make beloved siblings have different parents or say make the "merc with a mouth" a mute. This movie avoids that by just glossing over information that we already know and focusing on a new story. This respects the audience while also entertaining them with something they haven't seen before. This also opens up the possibility of doing a stand alone Batman movie with again a new story not the same old rehashed one.

I think if BVS is as successful as we all think it will be it may do something for comic book movies that needs to be done. It may end the long drawn out origin story and prove that you can trust fans to know the mythos. This could lead to us getting some fresh and new stories which is something the industry needs. Ask yourself when they reboot the reboot of The Fantastic Four would you rather have another origin story or a trip to the negative zone to fight Blastaar? How about the reboot of Spider-man, do we need to see uncle Ben die and Spidey chase down the robber or Spidey being hunted by Kraven through the streets of Manhattan? I know what I want!


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