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Earlier this morning, the last trailer for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) dropped (you can read Kit's breakdown here), and it's safe to say that it went all. in. on Batman. And while we've seen so many versions of a live action Batman over the years, this trailer gave us a few hints that this just might be the most faithful depiction of Batman ever put on the big screen.

Fair warning: This contains SPOILERS, so if you're one of those who want to avoid all things spoilery for the film, click away now.

Before I jump into the Batman goodness, if you haven't seen the trailer and want to, check it out:

Ready? Let's do this.

1. The Batwing actually looks like the Batwing

We've already seen Batman use the Batwing (or Batplane) in The Dark Knight Rises, except it was dubbed "The Bat" and it had the same boxy, blocky design as the Tumbler. This new design is sleek and plane-like, much closer to the Batwing we know and love from the comics than anything we've seen so far.

2. Alfred Pennyworth is stepping into the role of Penny-One

In the New 52 arc, Alfred is much more involved with helping Batman while he's out in the field, with Batman even going so far as to give him the call sign of "Penny-One," (see the comic book image up above) and from the last trailer, it seems that this will be his role in the film. He's much more hands-on with Batman's crimefighting operations than most previous incarnations of Alfred.

3. Batman actually moves like Batman should

Batman's always been known to throw down, but one thing that the movies have never quite seemed to capture is just how trained he is in the martial arts. He's always been depicted as more of a brawler, with movies focusing on him throwing heavy punches. The finesse and speed with which he actually moves has often been lost in the translation to screen, but this is the first Batman we've seen that is actually as quick and dynamic in a fight as he is in the comics, video games, and animated series.

4. He is, for once, actually vengeance, the night

Batman's never exactly been a happy-go-lucky guy. He's dark, he's brooding, and he often crosses over into a moral gray area in his tactics. But the films have never explored just how dark he has gone in the comics, particularly in the post-Jason Todd years when he was wheels off and maniacal in his obsessive quest for justice. This looks to be the first Batman who is, in fact, vengeance (see also: the night). He is furious at Superman, and that fury is driving him to a vicious place that we've never seen from a live action Batman before.

5. He's done his detective work

That look on Superman's face - that look on Superman's face! - when he throws a superpowered punch at Batman and Batman...catches it as easily as you would a baseball. It is the face of a man who clearly never expected someone to be prepared to fight him. Batman, a.k.a. the greatest detective in the world, has clearly done his homework in this film and built himself a suit that can easily withstand a blow from a Kryptonian, showing a level of sleuthing skills and meticulous preparation that for once matches what we know of Bruce Wayne in the comics.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters on March 23rd.


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