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With everyone patiently (not too patiently) waiting for a Game of Thrones season 6 trailer, we may have found something to keep our hype train fuelled in the meantime. A gallery of photos have been released, meaning a trailer probably isn't far behind, and they include some sense of finality to the ten or twenty cliffhangers from the end of season five. Not all, but some. Let's check them out and see what we can deduce about what's going to happen in season six!

Myrcella Is Very Much Dead!

Which wasn't really much of a cliffhanger at the end of season five. The real cliffhanger is how Jaime and Cersei will respond to the murder of their daughter. Dorne may be about to go to war with the Lannisters.

And Jaime Is Bringing Her Home

Back in his kingsguard armor after an eventful season in Dorne, Jaime has missed a lot. Tommen will have to deal with the death of his sister, after his "father" and brother have already died on the show, and all the while his mother is having a breakdown.

And Cersei May Not Take The News Too Well

Which is really to be expected upon hearing about her daughter dying. Jaime is going to have to try and get her ready for a war ahead by the looks of things.

And She Isn't The Only Queen With Problems!

This looks very much like Queen Margaery having to deal with her own crimes. The church is going to keep fighting this year, that's for certain.

Balon Greyjoy Is Back!

Which could be a major arc for this season. With a big part of the Iron Islands plot line having been ignored thus far, we may see a lot happening over there this season.

And So Is Yara Greyjoy!

After failing to rescue Theon/Reek from the Bolton stronghold, Yara will be back to try and raise an army against the Bolton North. With the Bolton army hardly being dented by Stannis' force, it seems likely that she will need a big army.

Ramsay Bolton Isn't Happy!

Maybe Yara gets that army, because Ramsay isn't at all happy here as he looks out at something.

His Father Doesn't Look Happy Either!

After their victory over Stannis Baratheon, you would expect the Bolton father and son to be revelling this season. However, there was something else that happened in the finale which may blunt their joy. And they'll be even less unhappy when they find out the result of that cliffhanger.

Because Sansa and Reek Are Alive!

Finally escaped from Ramsay Bolton after several seasons of Game of Thrones, it will be interesting to see what Theon Greyjoy gets up to this season. Probably protecting Sansa, but what will she be aiming for next?

But Sansa Doesn't Look Too Happy

Well, that makes sense. After all, with her family decimated and Petyr Baelish only succeeding in getting her raped by Ramsay, there is no place for her to go. It is time for her to really decide what she wants to do, and how.

Bran Makes His Grand Return!

After a season out where he learned a thing or two (get it? That was brilliant) Bran Stark returns with the three eyed crow to return to do something useful for once (hopefully).

Arya Is... Still Blind

Which doesn't bode well for her, and could mean her dreams of becoming a servant of the many faced God are in some trouble.

And She's... Begging On The Street?

It definitely looks that way. Of course, this could be part of her training for the many faced God, but we won't know until the show returns if she is still in favour with those at the temple.

Daenerys Is Still Around!

Well duh. But she left off the last season abandoned by her dragon and surrounded by a Khalasar of Dothraki who probably don't like her all that much. She's going to have a difficult sixth season (as if she ever has an easy one).

And She's In Trouble!

That expression looks about the same as everyone's in these photos. If season five was dark, this season is going to be pitch black.

And Tyrion Is Still In Meereen

With Barristan Selmy dying in the last season, Tyrion is definitely going to have to take charge of the already troubled city this year, and it will be fascinating to see how he takes control. But he's not alone!

Varys Is There To Help Him!

The Spider is always brilliant to have on your side, especially when battling people who hide in the shadows. If anyone can help Tyrion get the city under control, it's Varys.

And So Is Missandei!

We will see how closely Missandei has been watching Daenerys, as both Tyrion and Varys are complete newcomers to the city, she will have to give them some guidance. It's going to be a dark season in Meereen.

But That Won't Stop Tyrion From Drinking!

As if anything would. It is also good to see Grey Worm recovered from the injuries he suffered while standing with Barristan at the end of the fifth season.

Davos Is Still At the Wall!

And has to deal with the aftermath of Stannis being defeated, and presumably dead, as well as the fall of Jon Snow. He's running out of friends, and with his kind gone, what will the Onion Knight do next?

But Is Stannis Dead?

It seemed like a near certainty at the end of the fifth season, and yet it did not show us Brienne of Tarth killing him. Only she knows for sure whether or not the last of the Baratheon brothers is gone.

But What About Jon Snow!?

Despite these photos solving some of the cliffhangers of season five, none of them solve the biggest one. What will happen to Jon Snow? With Sam and Gilly on their way to Oldtown, it looks like this photo may be from the moment Sam finds out what happened to Jon.

But Melisandre Is Back At the Wall!

Saved one of the most interesting photos of all until last. Many speculated early on that Melisandre, after seeing Stannis fail, would return to the wall and resurrect Jon Snow to become Azor Ahai. Many have assumed for a long time that he would be the true fulfillment of that prophecy, and it could happen with Melisandre returning to the wall in season six!

That's all for now, but keep an eye out folks, because the first trailer for the sixth season is rumored to be dropping on Sunday. (Rumor only)

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