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The DC Universe is a giant diverse Universe with numerous characters, locations, settings and more. It is also home to a number of rich people ranging from playboys who try to solve crime with vigilantism, to as*holes that use their wealth for nefarious purposes.

But whether they are a handsome billionaire or a monster set to achieve world domination, today we are ranking the five greatest of them all, based on their wealth and influence.

So let's jump right in to the 5 Richests People in the DC Universe:

5. Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen is the heir to the Queen Family and of course the Green Arrow. Son of Robert and Moira Queen, Oliver became the CEO of Queen Industries, inheriting enormous wealth and influence. Early in its existence, Queen Industries's primary source of wealth was arms dealing during peace time. Of course this didn't sit well with the righteous playboy and after becoming the CEO of the company, Oliver shut down the weapon manufacturing and instead focused on technological and scientific advancements. This lead to a great boost to the company's profits creating some very famous gadgets. Examples of those gadgets are the Q-phone and the Q-pad created by Q-core, a subsidiary of Queen Industries.

Estimated Net Worth : 7 Billion Dollars

4. Lex Luthor

He is the head of LexCorp and Superman's greatest adversary. He is also one of the wealthiest people on the planet. LexCorp is an aerospace engineering company founded by Lex and has become one of the biggest companies in the entirety of the DC Universe. This and his company's continual expansion created a capital big enough to fund Lex's criminal and superhero activities (he joined the JL fairly recently). He also funded the recreation of Metropolis and the partially the world after the Trinity War and Forever Evil Storylines and at one time his Presidential Campaign.
Shady , egotistical, rich and a president nominee, Lex is DCU's Donald Trump with a little less hair.

Estimated Net Worth: 75 Billions dollars

3. Bruce Wayne

Surprised he is not higher on this list? Well as it happens he is not the wealthiest person in the DCU, but he's still one of the richest. Bruce Wayne is the son of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, descendants of two of the wealthiest, most influential and strong families in the entirety of Gotham City. Their son, Bruce, inherited the fortunes of both families and one of the biggest multinational corporations in the whole DC Universe; Wayne Enterpraises. Wayne Enterpraises was founded by the Wayne family in the 19th Century and is one of the oldest companies in the entire world. It stretches far and wide and includes many subsidiaries.
The wealth of Wayne Enterprises is so big, that it funds Bruce's Batman hobbies, as well as rebuilding Gotham everytime a Batman villain destroys it.
At some point, Bruce also owned the Daily Planet, the newspaper Clark Kent, (a.k.a. Superman) works at.
Besides his company and his inheritance, Bruce also has a number of manors and villas across the world, including one in Switzerland.

Estimated Net Worth : 98 billion dollars

2. Ra's Al Ghul, Head of the Demon

Many know Ra's al Ghul as a reincarnating assasin. Those who know him well, also know that he is the head of a gigantic multi-national and far reaching organization called the Demon (the League of Assasins is actually a part of this organization). This international organization was created by Ra's years ago with the sole purpose of acquiring as much wealth and influence as he could, to further his goals for global world destruction and reincarnation.
For more than 200 years Ra's increased the power and wealth of his organization, making the Demon one of the strongest and most influencial organizations in the world.
He even created a city Eth Alth'eban, the HQ of the League of Assasins, full of gold, gems, super-advanced technology, assasins and more of this kind of stuff.

Estimated Net Worth: Inmeasurable

1. Vandal Savage

If living for 450 years was not enough, there is a being that has lived for 50,000 years. Vandal Savage was born in the 47th Millenia BC, already in wealth and power; he was the son of his tribe's chief. After a meteor fell close to the lands of his tribe, he was granted full, real immortality. Gaining his super-intelligence and of course, his immortality, Vandal set out to achieve his only goal; to rule the whole world. In his crusade to achieve world domination, Vandal founded empires, fought the Han dynasty, fought in the Crusades, worked with the Nazis and much more.
He acquired wealth, created companies, he sold and trafficked people and weapons, continually increasing his wealth for nearly 3000 years.
In this time he managed to create an unfanthomable amount of wealth.

Estimated Net Worth : truly inmeasurable

Honorable Mentions

Maxwell Lord, Ted Kord, Michael Holt, Black Adam.

But besides the people mentioned here, there are many more rich people in the DC comics, and fiction as a whole. To learn more about rich fictional characters, check out the Forbes Fictional list, generated by the Forbes Journal.


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