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The trailers for Batman vs Superman have been swirling around for months now. Some say the trailers give away too much, some say they don't tell us enough, but I, like Goldilocks, think it is just right.

I don't know about Aquaman's role in the story or what Cyborg could be doing in Metropolis. I don't know just how Wonder Woman becomes involved in all of this mess...but I do think I know one thing. One important thing.

Lex Luthor helps build Batman's suit.

Woah. Before you go nuts, hear me out. In the first trailer we got to see featuring Lex Luthor, it's pretty obvious that if Luthor isn't orchestrating or pushing along this fight of the world's greatest superheroes, he at least wants it to happen. Bad. But we also see something else...

Lex Luthor has access to kryptonite. A lot of it.

Who else would have the motive, the resources, the genius, and the evil mind to help Batman construct his seemingly indestructible suit that matches the Man of Steel's superhuman powers?!

In the new trailer, we clearly see that the suit isn't made of ordinary material when Superman's face drops at the sight of Batman's arm holding up to his blows. Is it made of Kryponite? Laced with it? Where did Batman get it from?

It's completely feasible that someone like Batman, who regularly teams up with people of dubious nature (Catwoman, anyone?) in order to get things done would team up with LexCorp and it has already been established in the trailer that Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are familiar with each other they and are definitely competitors in the business world.

I think that in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, we'll see a desperate Bruce Wayne searching for anything that could possibly help him in his battle with the man faster than a speeding bullet. Perhaps after Batman and Superman's altercation in the desert, and Batman's apparent capture, Wayne will turn to Lex for help in bringing down Superman. After they (Batman and Superman) put aside their differences, I think Lex will turn to more drastic measures (Zodsday?)

What do you think guys? Is the enemy of your enemy your friend?


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