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The Superhero fandom is an odd place.

It's an odd place of eccentrics, casual fan boys/girls, and everyone in-between.

But it would be an understatement to say that the fandom and culture has not changed lives.

In 2013, a young boy named Miles made a wish with the Make-A-Wish-Foundation: he wished to be mentored by Batman and to become a hero himself. The result was a huge event in San Francisco, with the police becoming involved in setting the stage for Batboy (Miles) to save the day, and citizens cheering Miles on all the way.

You can take a look at his adventures below!

Fast forwards to the present day, and meet Domenic Pace, who, as of last Thursday, became Iron Boy, hero of Sydney, and an honorary Avenger.

Domenic, an optimistic, cheerful young boy, is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, and has always wanted to be a superhero. So the people over at Make-A-Wish Australia decided to do just that.

Inspired by 2013's Batkid, Domenic was given the chance to save Sydney! Again, the whole police force became involved, asking Domenic for help....

And many citizens came out to cheer on and see their new favorite Super-Hero in action!

It was a spectacular event, and Domenic felt truly that he saved the world on that day, check out the full video of his adventures below!

And later on, Iron Man himself, posted a personal message to youtube, inviting Domenic to join the Avengers as an honorary member!

Listen here, I don't say this very often-I'm making you an honorary member of the Avengers. I hereby, dub thee.
Ironman loves you.

Talk about a full day's work!

In fact, it's been a running trend where Hollywood celebrities who play superheroes have been attending events, charity fundraisers, and visiting young children with disabilities/terminal illnesses. These celebrities visit and use their superhero personas in order to invoke a sense of awe and wonder, playing their roles in real life to help those in need to aspire to something greater, and to show them that there is always someone on their side, willing to come to help when they really need it.

RDJ as Ironman delivering a young boy with a partially developed right arm a bionic arm

Chris Prat and Chris Evans at the Seattle Children's Hospital
Chris Prat and Chris Evans at the Seattle Children's Hospital

It's wonderful that the Superhero community and fandom have been able to spawn such wonderful and life-changing moments for those in need, and hopefully we'll be able to keep up the trend of Celebrities using their personas for the greater good, as this year is set to have a great line-up of superhero movies!



Do you think that celebrities are doing good by going out in their Superhero personas and using them for the greater good!


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