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Stan Lee has been the go to cameo in Marvel films that fans search for. Did you know he cameo-ed in some of his own comics and even in a couple DC comics as well? These are the greatest Stan Lee cameo's in the comics!

1. Fantastic Four

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby cameoed in their very own superhero family; The Fantastic Four. They were playing themselves; as they tried to make it to Sue and Reeds wedding but were kicked out due to not being on the party list. As you can see they later make a threat stating they can just write another issue.

2. Funky Flashman

If you are familiar with DC than you might know about Funky Flashman, but I bet you didn't know that Funky Flashman was a parody of Stan Lee made by Jack Kirby. Funky Flashman is a funny criminal that has a lot of tie ins with The Justice League story line.

3. New Avengers

This cameo kicks ass due to the amount of weight this cameo holds. Stan Lee plays Luke Cage's and Jessica Jones' priest as he marries the two heroes together. This priest still rocks the ties and shades.

4. Daredevil

This very small cameo truly means a lot due to the amount of emotion in this one scene. This is the funeral for Karen Page; which is Daredevil's love interest throughout the series. As you see in the pews Stan Lee is paying his respects.

5. Nova

In this funny comic panel Nova gathers the courage to ask Stan Lee to be apart of the Marvel superhero comic group. Stan Lee decides Nova won't be important enough to fans and dismisses him. This was one of the greatest ways to advertise for Novas popular run for the future.

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