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In case you missed it, Tony DiNozzo (aka Michael Weatherly) will be leaving NCIS at the end of this year's season 13. If I am the one breaking this news to you, I'm sorry. It's true... it's sad, but true. Here is the Entertainment Tonight News story confirming the departure.

With that said, what will happen to Tony at the end of the 13th Season, and what will NCIS be like without Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo? Let's take a look at some possible outcomes...

What will happen to Tony at the end of the 13th Season?

So naturally, this comes down to a life onward or an untimely death. Let's weigh our options in comparison to previous characters. Caitlin Todd was shot in the head.....

But Ziva David left alive!

And then there's Jenny Shephard...

And Mike Franks....

So let's explore some less depressing outcomes:

  • Tony gets promoted to a new job in another NCIS office? (Possible future spin-off? I hope so...)
  • Tony gets promoted, moves to Europe and lives happily ever after with Ziva!
  • Tony leaves NCIS and goes to live with Ziva!
  • Tony leaves off screen but we see a text or email to McGee or Gibbs saying he's settled and everything is alright!
  • Tony leaves off screen but we see a picture of him and Ziva living happily (and Cote de Pablo makes an on-screen cameo?)
  • Tony decides it's time to settle down and gets an office job somewhere...

Or, to be realistic:

  • Tony dies in the line of duty.
  • Tony dies off-screen.
  • Tony dies in some other way that is just as tragic.

With that, we say farewell to...

At the end of Season 13!

What will NCIS be like without Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo?

Realistically, TV's #1 Drama will move on. It's sad, but true. We thought it'd be a rough ride when Caitlin Todd left, Jenny Shepard left and when Ziva David left - but NCIS has a phenomenal writing team who find creative ways to bring in new characters and new dynamics.

It'd be safe to say that regardless of how Tony leaves, we still have the Abby-fans, Gibbs-fans, McGee-fans of the show who will continue to watch and become fans of other characters!

In Conclusion...

So with that, I leave you with a few thoughts:

Will NCIS be the same without Tony DiNozzo?
Where would you like to see Tony end up in the Season 13 finale?
What would be the best farewell to Micheal Weatherly?

Would you like to see another character introduced to round out the team to 4?
What kind of character do you think would be a viable Tony-replacement?
What previously established character would you love to see be a regular cast member?

Ponder those - Comment Below - Let's start a conversation!

Tune in to TV's #1 Drama, Tuesday nights on CBS!


Can you continue to watch NCIS after Michael Weatherly's departure?


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