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i actually do think EA should fix what happened to Mass Effect 3, they should have known by rushing it, they did messed the game up so badly that it angered the fans and gamers alike in 2012. if they don't want a repeat of that happening on their [Mass Effect: Andromeda](tag:2683449), they should revise Mass Effect 3 first before finishing Andromeda to see what the results will be like.

if the results proves to be successful, they should go ahead and revise Mass Effect 2 as it should have been. FULL GAME, no DLCS.

Female Commander Shepard, known as "Femshep"
Female Commander Shepard, known as "Femshep"

to be honest, i know here is no possibility of this happening.. but hey, we can only hope and dream. as far from it, i enjoyed their Multiplayer, i play mostly on it. but not anymore. instead of ME3MP, went for Halo 4's MP. have been playing often here. i love Mass Effect much as Halo too. i just wish here were some changes to ME3MP, i would loved to see "Hordes" Mode which allows you to fight in any number of waves against enemies, starting from ten to 20. they get difficult as they progress in waves. now that's REAL Mass Effect Horde mode.

this mode was introduced to me by a player on Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer on PC. someone told me to take look at a video of this feature. it was made by a player.

sure enough, i loved it.

Mass Effect 3's revised Hairstyles like this one
Mass Effect 3's revised Hairstyles like this one

my only hope is that it will be more better and epic as Andromeda, as it should be. any questions or comments?


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