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Im a Horror movie lover always looking for the next best thing. Ive seen pratically every horror movie out there besides old school but I ha

I will admit I'm a fan of THC series. I enjoyed the fact that it was so different and bizarre and so far from "The Norm". I am always looking for the next best horror film to come out. I was so excited to hear they were making a 3rd! I had just seen Tusk which was subpar but that's another review. This one is all for THC III.. Where to begin.. well I will not keep you waiting like THC III seems to. The build up to the actual centipede was SO LONG and the centipede part itself was SO SHORT! That was quite a disappointment. While it is an interesting story line it still could've been done better. The main character played by Dieter Laser I was not fond of at all in this one. The main reason being is that he was also in the 2nd and that ate me to the core and ruined his Bill Boss character for me. The whorish secretary Daisy played by Bree Olsen was funny at some parts but honestly.. This one was a disappointment and as I try to think of the Pros of this film.. I find myself realizing that there really weren't any. Maybe the 1st and 2nd Human Centipede numbed me from the gruesome.. Ill never know. What I do know is if I could go back in time and choose whether or not to watch it I still would just cause Ive seen all 3 now. Whoop! Guess that's 1 pro about this.


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