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Back in 2013, it was announced that Ben Affleck would portray the famous Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder's 2016 film, Batman vs Superman, many comic book Batfans and moviegoers alike disagreed and scowled upon the actor's casting. I for one have always been an Affleck fan, especially of his roles in Good Will Hunting, The Town, and Argo. He is an exceptional actor and I have always supported the idea of him becoming Batman. Now I am even more excited with Dawn Of Justice's recent final trailer. Here's what fans will definitely have the pleasure of seeing when the film is released on March 25th.

Batman Is As Strong And Menacing As Ever!

One of my recent posts was focused on my opinions regarding the Batsuits worn by all actors through the hero's live action film history, and while Michael Keaton's suit is my favorite, I have to say that Ben Affleck is physically the closest representation of Batman on the big screen that's ever been portrayed. He looks very ripped and muscular, just as the Batman does in the comics. Previous actors weren't as built and large as Ben, and I got to give it to him when it comes to looks. He is definitely the bulkiest and strongest of the lucky men who got to put on the cape and cowl.

An Experienced Crime Fighter

A veteran hero and protector of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is in his late 40s in Batman V Superman. He's been around the block and knows what to expect in the most combative situations. As we all saw with the trailer, he is absolutely brutal. With those 20 seconds, we saw him kicking so much ass we could clearly note that he is by far the most dangerous Batman yet. He dodges attacks and throws enemies into walls with ease. He breaks spines, leaves enemies crippled and paralyzed but he still follows his number one rule: Don't kill.

This is an intelligent Batman that always knows what to do and stays calm and under control, much like Michael Keaton did in his time as The Caped Crusader. Ben is an even better and improved version. When it comes to which Batman we'd want to see fighting the Man Of Steel, Batfleck is certainly the number one choice for me. Even in the trailer he says,

"I'm getting slow with my old age, Alfred".

I wonder how good he fought in his younger days, because even now, he's still an amazing fighter whose style is very similar to those we've seen in the Arkham games.

A Bruce Wayne With Emotion

Bruce Wayne is not driven by the fact that he is Batman. He is driven by the simple fact that the people of Gotham need a hero, and he is the one that can stand up and be that hero. During Superman's battle with Zod in Metropolis (Man Of Steel), one of his business towers was destroyed, ending hundreds of civilian lives. This is what ultimately made Bruce furious, making it his goal to hunt down the man who was unintentionally responsible for the deaths of his friends and workers.

This is a Bruce Wayne who cares, a Bruce Wayne who is driven by emotion and the self-fulfilling prophecy of doing good for the world and putting a stop to crime and evil. Bruce Wayne isn't messing around, he's been the protector of Gotham for years, dealt with many people, including The Joker. He will never give up and will put up a fight despite having the odds against him.

This type of emotion as Bruce Wayne is something that I feel previous actors lacked a bit, especially Christian Bale. Nevertheless, every single actor who's taken on the role has done a stellar job for sure. For me though, I feel Ben Affleck will be superb as Bruce Wayne; just take a look at this TV spot that was released a few weeks ago. You can sense the anger, fury, and thirst for justice that Bruce Wayne is conveying with his tone of voice. He believes Superman is the enemy, and he is ready to fight! He will not take any action lightly, for he knows that as Batman he will do whatever it takes to keep his citizens safe.


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