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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

I just went to Deadpool tonight and I have to say Fox Studios and Marvel gave 100% to the source material and made it directly for the fans. Deadpool was a non-stop ride of laughter, raunchy jokes, brutal fight sequences and utterly great quotes from the dirty mouth of Ryan Reynolds.

In the film, The Merc with the Mouth is portrayed by the real Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. He is the living embodiment of the mutant and plays him to a suit. Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is diagnosed with cancer which has already reached every part of his body. Left feeling helpless and not wanting to drag his best girl down with this he turns to the only chance he has - an experimental, private lab that can grant him superhuman abilities and heals his cancer. He undergoes the experiment by FRANCIS and is tortured until his genes mutate. Wade arises from a fiery demise and attempts to kill FRANCIS, however is left temporarily impaled. Coming back for good old fashion payback, he creates his alto ego, Deadpool. He dons his red suit and mask, with dual swords, pistols and maximum effort!

From jokes about Freddy Kruger face fu**ing a topographical map of Utah and Deadpool touching himself with his regrown baby hand, you'll be left in stitches and just when the laughs stop you'll be treated to beheadings, dismemberments and bullet holes galore to feed your violent side.

The whole movie is filled with hilariously raunchy humor and over the top, bloody violence. It was the R rated hero flick fans have been waiting for! With possible sequels and cameos to come, we can only wish for more and show the studio we want more by supporting the film. Get out to your local theater and support Fox's Deadpool. I promise you will love it.

I gave this film the full 10 stars because it took the step a lot of hero flicks are afraid to take with the R rating, nudity, humor and gore. It is hopefully the next step in the evolution of superhero films.

What did you like most about Deadpool?


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