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Ilya Naishuller, front runner of the punk band Biting Elbows, is changing the game for action films. If the name Biting Elbows rings a bell it's probably because they released two insane music videos 5 years ago, which swept the interwebs. Their music videos for The Stampede and Bad Motherfucker is an action fan's wet dream. It's like Quentin Tarantino and Die Hard had a love child.

Now that we are all familiar with Naishuller's previous work, we must discuss his future work, and how his new feature film Hardcore Henry is a new chapter in cinema.

I mean just checkout the thumbnail for the trailer. Hardcore Henry is an action film all shot through the P.O.V. of Henry. He is on a mission, after a very near death experience, to find and save his wife who just happens to be kidnapped by a warlord. It doesn't sound like much to go off of, and honestly it is kind of generic. The part where Hardcore veers off the path of normal and becomes something more than original is its use of P.O.V.

Never before has an action film been shot entirely through a the point of view of the protagonist. And after watching the trailer for Hardcore it seems bloodier than most action movies even dare to go.

I'm not sure where to start with this trailer. It boasts itself as the film that every generation has that changes the whole game. This 2 1/2 minute TIFF trailer has it all: blood, telepathic abilities [?], action, boobs, grenades, car crashes, [what looks like] a 50 cal, and EXPLOSIONS.

Hands down the most badass thing in this trailer is when Akan's men blow down the door, storm into the room, get Henry on his knees and then...use telepathic abilities to force choke someone into the air? If I am fully correct in what I saw and Naishuller has bravely added someone with telepathic abilities then we are in for a treat.

If the music videos, the trailer, and my pointing out of the obvious hasn't gotten you excited to see Hardcore Henry maybe this bloody/dirty/gritty first look will.

And if the Wilhelm scream doesn't seal the deal, then nothing will.


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