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Holy mother of God Deadpool was so freakin' good!!!! I grew up on the Deadpool comics and was one of the rare people that knew who Deadpool was. Everyone thought that Deadpool was Spider-Man. I waited so long for the news of Deadpool's stand alone film, and when the test footage was leaked....I pissed myself. Excited and determined I walked into that theater and I have to say... Deadpool is the best superhero film of all time!!! Well it depends on who you are. It wasn't the best superhero film of all time but it definitely is one of them. Here are the reasons this glorious film is one of the greatest superhero films of all time. Oh and a shit ton of spoilers so...

Lets start off easy and slowly lead up to the big events of this film

Hidden Cameos:

1. Stan Lee

Well this was pretty much expected but also in the best possible way. Stan Lee plays the host at a strip club Deadpool visits to find Vanessa; Deadpool's future baby mama.

2. Wolverine....Kinda

That was probably the best picture for this due to never actually saying Wolverines name. They occasionally use Hugh Jackman's face off of magazines as a joke to a future possible team up between Deadpool and Wolverine.

3. Marrow

Another experiment watched over by Weapon X; Marrow was in the same holding center as Deadpool.

4. Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters

Showing up multiple times; the X-Men school is home of Colossus and Teenage Warhead. Even Deadpool jokes how he only sees these two when he goes to the school because the studio can't afford more X-Men.

5. Bob

The greatest unexpected cameo in the film was Deadpool's best friend Bob. In the comics Bob is a hydra agent that becomes close friends with Deadpool, and since Hydra in owned by Marvel studios, no one expected Bob to show up. BUT HE DID!!!!

5. The Avenger's Helicarrier?

In the end fight scene, Deadpool and the team are standing next to a destroyed Avenger's Helicarrier. Deadpool keeps making fun of the other studio somehow and it feels awesome.

Deadpool's Personality:

This pretty much makes the whole Deadpool movie work honestly.

1. 4th Wall Breaks

Oh yeah. He does it well. Deadpool in the comics has always broke the fourth wall, and the film depicted it perfectly; showing fans off color humor in the best possible way. Roasting today's big celebrities and bashing other films is a constant gift we receive while watching. He also makes fun of the studio and even has a one on one with the camera as he tries to get gum off the lens.

2. Deadpool's Voices

This was awesome. Now they didn't show his other voices as much as they do in the comics but it definetely happens. We hear his narration voice, his normal voice, and at one point in the film he argues with his other voice about if he was being stupid or not.

3. Hallucinations

This happens constantly for Deadpool in the comics and director Tim Miller couldn't let the film go by without one of Deadpool's funny hallucinations. After being stabbed in the head by Francis; Deadpool starts hallucinating about poorly drawn fictional objects walking over Vanessa.

4. Deadpool's Offensive Humor

Constantly making fun of serious situations...including pedophiles, cancer, and child abuse. Deadpool still gives us glee even though we feel like we shouldn't be laughing.

Parodying and Roasting:

There is quite a lot of movie bashing and celebrity hating in this movie....which makes it so fun!

1. Green Lantern

While being taken away to be experimented on; Deadpool asks not to have an animated green suit. In the beginning of the film, there is a poorly taken picture of Ryan Reynolds in a Green Lantern suit.

2. Limp Bizkit

This hilarious scene shows Deadpool stating that a situation couldn't get any worse that what Limp Bizkit did to the music industry in the mid-90s.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Deadpool made quite a few jokes about this film, including the line "I wouldn't sew my mouth shut, it wouldn't work out very well". Other jokes included Deadpool carrying Origins version of Deadpool's action figure.

4. Rosie O'Donnell

While confronting Angel Dust in the experiment room, Deadpool asks why he is being left alone with less angry Rosie O'Donnell.

5. Ferris Beuller's Day Off

The end credit scene consists of Deadpool parodying the last scene of Ferris Beullers Day Off where Beuller tells the audience that "It's over. Go home." Deadpool even adds his own twist by asking if we were waiting for Nick Fury to show up.

There are definetely more bashes and parodying but those were the most memorable.

Deadpool Comics Relations:

1. Origins

In the comics Deadpool's origin story is never really laid out, for example Wade Wilson might not actually be his real name. We know he has a dark childhood and they defineitely gloos over it with humor much like Deadpool would in real life. They showed his cancer and why he ultimately agreed to getting his powers.

2. X-Men Talk

Deadpool does join the X-Men in the comics for awhile and was translated onto film, which was a wonderful experience due to the fact we know there will be another Deadpool film.

3. Deadpool's Traits

Almost every look about Deadpool matched the comic book version as well. We even get his cancer ridden face throughout the whole film. The humor is the same and the way he reacts to injuries are still hilarious.

4. Fighting Sequences

The fighting sequences were almost identical to the way you would read them in the comic. Bloody and fun; Deadpool showed audiences how fighting is meant to be viewed.

5. Main Characters

Weasel: Deadpool's informer and arms dealer. One of Deadpool's best friends

Colossus: X-Men that has a steel body form.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: X-Men that can produce energy waves.

Angel Dust: Mutant with superhuman strength.

Vanessa (Copycat): In the comics is an ex-girlfriend of Deadpool. In the film they are in a relationship.

Ajax (Francis): Big rival of Deadpool in the comics; always searching for ways to take him down for his teleportation frequencies. In film depicted as his enemy due to creating what Deadpool became.

Blind Al: Old woman that lives with Deadpool while he is regaining the power to do his own thing.


1. Deadpool 2

Mentioned constantly throughout the film and even at the ending; Deapool reveals that there will be a second Deadpool film.

2. Cable

At the end of the credits Deadpool reveals that Cable will definitely be in the second Deadpool film.

SOOO? What did you think of the Deadpool movie? Was it one of the greatest superhero films of all time? What else made it so great?

Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!

P.S Side Note:

Deadpool was the first feature length film that Tim Miller yeah that makes it even more amazing.


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