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The Merc With The Mouth Got His Due

So, ladies and gents, tonight I saw the highly anticipated Deadpool movie. I can honestly say that at long last the merc with the mouth got his due. I’ve always loved Deadpool, albeit nowhere near as much as I loved some of their world's major superheroes, but he was always like a side piece for me.

The Comic Book

Deadpool is so weird and so dirty that, as a kid, it was hard for me to read his comics. It was too inappropriate for little Dale.

The Movie

Deadpool is the first of a slew of comic book/superhero movies coming out in 2016. We have Batman V Superman, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Gambit, and Dr Strange. Out of all of them, I am so happy that we started off with this one. The rest of that roster is some somber stuff. It doesn’t seem like too many, if any, will be much fun. It’s nice to have a film with a lot of levity right out of the gate. So let’s get into what I liked and didn’t like about this movie.

It's Fruit Roll Up Man!!!!
It's Fruit Roll Up Man!!!!

Good Stuff

First let’s talk about what was great about this movie. We all saw Origins' abysmal portrayal of Deadpool as some weird super mutant with sword hands, and the powers of multiple mutants. Needless to say, Ryan Reynolds needed a second chance and he didn’t fuck it up. He was born to play this character, as people have been saying for years. After some Deadpool test footage leaked he was given the chance for a mulligan.

That brings us to the humor in this movie, it was absolutely fucking hilarious. They took shots at Reynolds as Green Lantern, Deadpool from Origins and Hugh Jackman himself. Jackman got it a few times, but from recent interviews seems to be taking it pretty well.

Reynolds pulls off the merc with the mouth perfectly, quipping every chance he gets and never missing a beat. Anybody else and it could turn Deadpool into a nuisance, who does nothing but make jokes. That isn’t what happens here. The viewer likes Deadpool, and almost every single joke lands.


This movie also boasts one of the beast opening credits I’ve ever seen, the credits being along the lines of Directed by “some overpaid tool”, produced by “Asshats”, etc. At no point during the opening credits does a single actual name come up, and it immediately lets the viewer know what kind of movie they’re about to sit through.

McAvoy or Stewart?
McAvoy or Stewart?

Some of the banter between Deadpool and his new kinda sorta teammates, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, is just brilliant. They all have such different personalities that seeing them interact is great. It’s here that a lot of the X-Men gags come into play, such as Deadpool going to Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters,. After finding both Colossus and Nagasonic he quips that there’s only ever the two of them at the mansion. That must be because the studio couldn’t afford to bring in more X-Men to populate the mansion. Only a brave movie takes a shot at the studio.

That leads me to the next thing I really liked, It gave us a glimpse of what the X-Men are up to these days, we’ve seen the X-Men in the past, in the future, but it's been awhile since we've seen them in the present day. It helped that they used the exact same mansion from the original trilogy, and the jet.

Colossus handcuffing himself to Deadpool and saying “we’re going to see Xavier” followed by Deadpool’s response “McAvoy or Stewart? Your guys’ universe is so confusing.” Hopefully in future Deadpool films we’ll get to see more of the X-Men’s modern squad.

Who's Who And How They Do

Let’s talk about some of the relationships in this movie. There were a few, Deadpool and Vanessa first off. This was a cute little romance, I bought them as a couple, and they didn’t make the mistake of making Vanessa some sweet, muffin baking girl next door. She’s a hooker when they first meet. This meeting results in a showdown between the two about who’s past is more fucked up, with each trying to one up the other with fucked up shit, including them briefly mentioning that they were both molested by their uncles. It was a funny little moment. Molestation is only funny in movies, kids. Remember that.

So that brings us to TJ Miller as Weasel. I’ll tell you one thing, this was the only role in which I've been able to tolerate TJ Miller. I don’t know why, I can’t stand the guy, I don’t watch Silicone Valley simply because he irks me. If you love the guy that’s great, but he bugs the ever living shit out of me.

The relationship between Wade Wilson and Weasel was fun. There was a lot of banter and shit talking between the two of them, which I liked a lot because it’s a realistic depiction of relationships between men. News flash, guys are NOT nice to one another, at all. That being said, Weasel didn’t serve the plot all that much so there isn’t much to say about him.

In my opinion the relationship between Deadpool and Dopinder the cab driver was awesome. I thought he’d only be in the beginning of the movie to help introduce us to Deadpool as a character. Turns out he came back for the finale and it turns out that he and Deadpool, had actually formed a friendship. They have each other's cell phone numbers, and have nicknames for one another. Dopinder refers to Deadpool as DP.

Deadpool guiding Dopinder in his love life was incredibly funny. He also advises Dopinder on how to deal with his romantic rival ,and cousin, which ends hilariously and brutally.

Anybody else ship Deadpool and Dopinder?
Anybody else ship Deadpool and Dopinder?

The Not So Good

So let’s discuss the things I didn’t enjoy all that much. The villains, Ajax and Angel Dust were by the numbers baddies, who had very little in way of personality. I’m sorry people, Ed Skrein is no great thespian. Sorry buddy, you should have stuck with Daario Nahares. Neither is Gina Carano, which is why I imagine she had so few lines in this movie. I’m sorry, UFC/MMA fans but enough is enough with the likes of Gina Carano, and Ronda Rousey, in movies. The silver screen is no more a place for Gina and Ronda than the cage is for Christopher Walken. Let’s all stick to what we do best, shall we?

Next let’s discuss Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. These two were awesome. Too bad we didn’t see as much of them as we should have. They seemed to play the part of muscle for Deadpool, in the final confrontation. We barely heard a word out of Negasonic. That was a good job of portraying her as a normal teenager who thinks she’s too cool for Deadpool, and Colossus. Also, Colossus seemed a bit preachy at times.

Blind Al was funny. Her relationship with Deadpool was funny, but way too short. But then again, the gag with Deadpool’s tiny hand was worth less, you’ll understand when you see it.

The movie also felt a little rushed, it felt like the final act was on top of me before I knew it. That could be the sign of a good movie, that I didn’t realize how long it had been going, or that the pace was rushed. You can be the judge of that.

I’ve also heard the complaint that this movie wasn’t epic enough in scope. I disagree entirely. Not everything needs to be epic. Deadpool doesn’t need to save the world. Life is full of little conflicts and the superhero world should be no different. Plus, with the upcoming roster of superhero movies do we really need more epic? I don’t think so.

More of this chick next time around please.
More of this chick next time around please.

Mighty Dale's Judgement

Deadpool is awesome. it’s fun, its funny, and there was very little I disliked. I’m also hoping that things like Negasonic’s New Mutants uniform, Ryan Reynolds’s desire to get an X-Force movie off the ground, and the confirmation that the Deadpool sequel will feature Cable, Cyclops’s son from the future, hold big things for the future of both Deadpool and X-Men. One more little thing I loved, Deadpool is from Saskatchewan?!?!?!? that's fucking hilarious.

Enjoy the movie guys, we’ll see you later.


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