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As I walked out of the theater thinking about what the fuck kind of cinematic masterpiece I had just ingested; something dawned on me:

I laughed through the whole movie.

There was not a second where Deadpool failed to have me in stitches. Every plot point, every scene cut, every moment of tension, was always capitalized with a timely, and totally irreverent joke.

And it was for these reasons that I'm going to recognize different parts about Deadpool that made it an amazing film, and also recognize other parts about it that could be worked on for the sequel. Let's get this review rolling.


Deadpool is unique in that its charm and ability to string along and captivate the audience with its more tried-and-true, rescue the damsel in distress and take-down the bad guy for revenge plot.

It is unique in that, never for a second watching the movie, did I feel like I was trodding along. Most superhero/anti-hero movies begin by telling an origin story, some superheroes more than others...

Good night...
Good night...
..sweet Uncle Ben
..sweet Uncle Ben

....and Deadpool manages to implement an origin story into the main narrative without boring the audience with a sad, overtly nostalgic/romantic/emotional backstory. Deadpool chose to start the story in the middle of the pulse pounding, high-adrenaline action, and interspersing the action with bits and pieces of Wilson's past. Then, during those flashback scenes, we're being treated with flashforward scenes to the present, so that it never feels like the movie is over-saturating us with either one.

The movie paces itself well despite covering both the main story and the origin story, and I desperately wish that more superhero movies work with this format so that long time fans won't be patronized by a director trying to catch everyone up, and so new fans won't be left behind.

However, despite this, the plot really isn't anything special. Man gains powers, man feels like his life has changed so much he can't reconnect with loved ones, loved one gets kidnapped, man goes on quest to get the girl and beat up the bad guy.

But the mediocre plot is juxtaposed with masterful pacing, and maybe this was just a show of the director's muscles, to demonstrate how even a cookie cutter plot can be made meaningful and interesting.

Characters and Interactions:

Deadpool gave us a great cast of characters, notably the teddy bear of a mutant, Colossus, who subverted everyone's expectations (like the whole freaking movie) by trying to be the source of reason for Wilson, and attempting to be the catalyst that would make Wilson see the errors of his ways and join the X-men.

Yeah that didn't really happen, but heyyyy spoilers!

Deadpool also gave us Negasonic Teenage Warhead who, for a lack of a better word, seemed to personify the most likeably-bratty teenager to ever grace the big screen.

I'm serious, she never gives us a reason to be mad at her. This goes into the strength of how convincingly Brianna Hildebrand was able to emit the aura of an extremely bored and jaded teenager, but at a flick of a switch, was able to give off vibes of affability, and camaraderie.

However, NTW and Colossus (Wilson himself comments how the X-Men mansion would have no one but these two running around all day) only seem to be one-trick ponies in terms of personality and depth. The three quickly form a trio towards the middle of the movie to help Wilson on his question to save the girl, but their motivations in helping him are borderline skimpy: Colossus wants Wilson to promise to consider becoming an X-Men, and NTW only seems to do things that would snap her out of her boredom.

To this end, it feels as if the chemistry between NTW, Colossus and Deadpool seem superficial at best, and although it packs a heavy "buddy cop-esque" vibe, after the excitement of seeing the three of them kickass together, you might find yourself questioning why they found themselves together in the first place.

Wrapping it all together: Jokes

At the end of the day, what really sets Deadpool apart from other superhero films? The characters are fun, but the lack of cohesiveness and paper-thin motivations detract from the chemistry. Tthe plot is decidedly interesting at points, but nothing really innovative or avant-garde, so what is it that makes Deadpool one of my favorite movies that I've seen up to this point in time?


If it's not Ryan Reynolds cracking a much-needed shake weight joke, it's Deadpool lying "paint me like one of your french girls" style while shooting a baddie in the face with his hand-gun.

There is a constant barrage of such well-written lines seemingly erupting naturally and infinitely from Ryan Reynolds, that it feels like the Deadpool we've all come to know and love from the comics leapt onto the big screen. He really is the Deadpool that we deserve, and Ryan Reynolds took the bar and went running with it.

Whether it be jokes about how they couldn't afford another X-men actor, or how breaking the fourth wall within a flashback results in a sixteenth wall break, these wise cracks never stop coming. Even during emotionally tense scenes, they're made even more emotionally investing with jokes that make you laugh, but are delivered in such a painful way that you can't help but empathize with Wade Wilson.

The jokes are what make Deadpool, Deadpool, and they're what made this movie a standout from the rest of the Superhero movies.

I'm giving this film a solid 8.5/10.

Uninteresting plot, and the more artificial character bonds take away from this soon-to-be box office hit, but the rollicking and rolling humor and Ryan Reynold's amazing performance made me forget all about plot, and all I payed attention to was how unexpected, uncouth, vulgar and shameless the humor was. And I loved it.

Tell me what you think below, do you think Deadpool deserves a higher score or a lower score? Or did I hit the mark?


Are you seeing Deadpool this weekend?


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