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WARNING: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the mid-season premiere of 'The Walking Dead'. Do NOT read on if you have not seen episode 9 "No Way Out"

Well, Walking Dead fans it finally happened, we all got the mid-season finale we have been dreaming of for months, and damn it was good!

After a rather lack lackluster mid-season finale, which reported the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating for any episode of the series, many fans were left disappointed with the show. However I'm guessing now that all that disappoint has turned to joy following the conclusion of the episode 9 'No Way Out'.

The episode had some absolutely outstanding moments, and true to Scott Gimple's word, it was full of "chaos, terror, heartbreak, heroics, tragedy, and terror." I'll have a full "5 Things You Might Have Missed" article up and ready to read soon but until then, here are the top 4 "what the fuck" moments from The Walking Dead episode 'No Way Out.'

1. That explosive beginning

Daryl Dixon and a freakin' rocket launcher?! Hell YES! I literally jumped in my seat and looked around the room gobsmacked when this scene happened.

For fans of the comic this was the roadside massacre that we have been waiting for, but the fact that it was Daryl who did the killing, instead of Rick was a deviation from the comics that I thought the writers handled brilliantly – what a way to include a non-comic book character in a huge event from the comics.

2. That redemption arc

Who would've guessed this guy would redeem himself?
Who would've guessed this guy would redeem himself?

It may not have been as big a moment as the rest of the episode, but this was one moment that I totally did not expect. After breezing into town with the rest of the Wolf pack and wrecking absolute terror upon Alexandria, it looked like the Wolves were just plain evil, and the "Alpha Wolf" looked like the most evil of them all.

However in a total mini-redemption arc, the Wolf actually showed some humanity and did his best to protect Dr. Denise as they worked to escape the herd. Even after he was bitten and then shot by Carol he continued to do his best to make sure Denise was kept safe.

I guess he proved Morgan's "don't kill" rule was valid.

3. That total family annihilation

We all knew something was going to happen with poor little Sam out among those walkers, but the director of this episode, Greg Nicotero, tried to psych us out by having the group initially make their way through the herd safely. Unfortunately though, the good times were about to end for the Anderson family and soon enough Sam freaked out (thanks, Carol!) and was swiftly taken out by a walker. Then, in a sequence which was taken straight from the comics, Jessie was taken down leaving Rick no choice but to severe her hand from Carl's, leading to the fourth "what the fuck" moment from the episode...

4. That blindside

Straight out of the comics!
Straight out of the comics!

Many fans out there didn't think AMC would have the balls to do it but then the mid-season premiere went full balls to the wall, and by balls, I mean eyeballs. Carl's eyeball to be exact.

After witnessing his last remaining family member being eaten alive, and his mother's hand being hacked off, Ron was at his wits end and was about to shoot Rick with Jessie's gun. Unfortunately for Ron, everyone knows behind every great man is a great woman, and Michonne swiftly stepped in to turn the troubled teen into a human shish kebab. But while Rick was lucky enough to escape unharmed, it was then revealed that the younger Grimes had once again picked up a bullet wound and this time, it wasn't pretty. In a moment which was straight out of the comics, Carl uttered a simple "Dad?" before collapsing.

Were you left shellshocked over 'The Walking Dead' mid-season premiere?

Episode 10 of 'The Walking Dead' will air next Sunday, February 21st on AMC.


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