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Deadpool explosively slashed, impaled, and scabbed (not a typo) his way into the box office and dragged in a colossal $12 million overseas during his debut day on the big screen.

The R-rated superhero rampage had its biggest opening day ever in Taiwan with $1.4 million, whereas over in Britain, it became the second highest Wednesday IMAX opening ever after Spectre, bringing in a whopping $3.4 million.

Deadpools big introduction went down a treat
Deadpools big introduction went down a treat

Naturally, Deadpool was also the master of the land down under (see what I did there?) where it "commanded 75 percent of the market" with $2.1 million.

These stats mean that the Merc with the Mouth is surpassing what X-Men: Days of Future Past did back in 2014 and looks to be living proof that an R-rated Marvel movie can really drag in the big bucks, despite losing out on the lucrative family audience.

No wonder he's looking so executive
No wonder he's looking so executive

All of these indications show that the film could end up being even more rich in box office gold than it is in dick jokes, with early tracking indicating a $93 million debut.

If Deadpool can rocket to such heights, this would make it an all time record breaker for the month of February. Take that Fifty Shades of Grey!

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