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From stopping time and building pyramids to Prana energy and predicting the future, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's children are no strangers to spaffing out the most demented of shit and calling it 'creative freedom.' And, whilst I'm all for creative freedom, there's a point where it just becomes utterly bonkers.

It would seem that Will Smith is coming around to this conclusion now too. In a candid radio interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, the Concussion actor admits that perhaps their hands-off parenting methods "may have been a mistake." Ya think?

When asked if he consciously allows such freedom of expression, Will joked,

"Yeah, I think it may have been a mistake. I think we may have gone too far."

Treading the fine line between independence and parental discipline must be a tricky one, especially when your kids are as Kanye-esque as Jaden and Willow seem to be. Asked how he handles encouragement, control and, let's be honest, mockery, Will responded,

"There's a really powerful internal quality as an artist that as parents we encourage. You gotta get out on the edge, you have to try things, you have to be comfortable doing things that people don't agree with, and you have to be comfortable doing things that you could fail."

Jaden (publicly, at least) seems to have no concept of failure, so one can imagine that presents some worries for a parent?

"And Jaden is 100% fearless, he will do anything. So as a parent it's scary, it's really terrifying – but he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions and he just doesn't concern himself with what people think."

Watch the whole interview below:

The Smith's - Genius vs. Bonkers? Discuss

Source: Dlisted, People


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