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Well, as we all know after the encounter with Golden Frieza, Gohan decided to train again. As he realized that he has become so weak that he can’t even protect his family and he also rightfully blames himself for Piccolo’s death.

So, Gohan decides to start training again in order to be gain back strength. And he requests his first trainer Piccolo to train him. On episode 30 of Dragon Ball Super they finally starter training.

Now, many fans were like how could Piccolo train Gohan isn’t he weaker than him? I would like to mention that Gohan is awfully out of form and isn’t much stroner than Piccolo at the moment either. Besides, Piccolo is going to the universal tournament so for the time being Piccolo probably would even surpass Gohan for a while after the tournament.

However, power isn’t the factor here. A trainer doesn’t necessarily have to be stronger than his student. It is what he can teach and help the student to achieve is what matters the most. For example, Goku still trains at King Kai’s place from time to time.

And Piccolo has been proved to be a great master. Goku influenced by Chi Chi never actually taught the young Gohan anything about fighting. It was Piccolo who took Gohan and actually made Gohan who he is. And it goes without saying Piccolo is Gohan’s favorite trainer and no one actually knows Gohan better than Piccolo. So, I would say Piccolo training Gohan is quite legit.

Many fans are now asking why Gohan didn’t go and train under Whis. Goku and Vegeta are training under Whis. So, Goku could just request Whis to add Gohan to the training squad. And then maybe Gohan go on and also achieve the super saiyan god super saiyan form!

The question is why that didn’t that happen? Well, primarily I can think of 3 main reasons as to why Gohan is training with Piccolo instead of Training with Whis:

1. Gohan didn’t train all these years. He is not even a fighter anymore. He is mentally and physically not prepared for higher level training. He is even not in shape he has become unbelievably skinny. He is basically a nerd. I would say even Tien is in a better condition than Gohan.

Currently, Gohan’s aim is not achieve a new form or go beyond his maximum potential. He just wants come back in shape and get used to fight again. You know like suppose you had to take a 6 month break from the GYM now you don’t go into the GYM and try to break your highest weight lifting record right in the first day. You go train and get your body used to working out again and then go for doing better than before. So, that’s what’s happening Gohan is trying to get back into it.

And Whis is a very special character he trains the God of Destruction! He just won’t go around and take everyone into training. Yes, he took Goku and Vegeta. But, their name alone suggests that they are always training and trying to go beyond their max potential; contrary to Gohan both of them were at their primes and trained condition when Whis took them in. Whis can’t just take Gohan with the current condition he is in and help him to get in shape and then help to go beyond. That would be too much of unnecessary works for him. In short, Gohan wasn’t ready or qualified enough to take on the training of Whis. He must first reach his previously established max potential before wanting to go beyond that limit.

2. They wanted to bring some variety. Goku and Vegeta is already training with Whis at their planet. So, if Gohan trains at earth with Piccolo that brings variety. They bring us back to earth we get see Gohan and Piccolo training while getting to see other Z fighters around. Besides, there’s a good history between them the fans like it. And I think it worked out pretty well. We the fans were much hyped to know that Gohan is training again and that also with Piccolo. This also gave Piccolo who is also a very important dragon ball character a decent role to play meanwhile. And I guess at this point they are trying to show that Gohan is trying to balance between his normal life style and training.

This is a crucial reason to train with Whis he had to leave earth and it would be more time consuming. And I think he isn’t yet prepared to leave his family for training.

3. Maybe they want to give Gohan a different form of power boost. Goku and Vegeta got the God ki and transformed into God from. What if they are planning to keep that exclusive to those 2 only.

And many fans might disagree. But, I personally think that’s what should happen. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan the name itself bears a lot of weight. I mean it would lose the exclusiveness and the specialty it has if everyone starts getting the god form. I think it’s better if the God form remains exclusive to the top 2 characters. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying GOhan shouldn’t come close to Goku and Vegeta’s strength. I just think he could do it with a different transformation maybe the mystic form or something absolutely new. This could also be very interesting.. We have already seen the god form now let’s see something new. Actually, I did make a video about what transformation Gohan might get. I will attach that at the end of this video. Or you could also check the links on description.

So, if you ask me if Whis will train Gohan?

I’ll say that though this isn’t going to happen soon. But, there’s a good possibility that Gohan might in-fact receive training from Whis sometimes in the future maybe after the tournament. But, that depends on many factors. We can only assume.

So, what do you think? What are your assumptions?

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