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Harish Chengaiah simple as it sounds, the story of this movie is very simple. At it's core it's a revenge story and from it's heart it's a love story and these two elements blends in perfectly.

We have Ryan Reynolds as the infamous merc with an open mouth (this time around) and oh god he owns the role just like how Hugh Jackman owns the role of Wolverine, his performance is top notch and his passion for the character and this project oozes out in every single frame.

I wholeheartedly loved the way they humanized Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, his emotions and sentiments are extremely relatable, believable and you tend to sympathize with him all throughout.

One might think the love story/romance subplot of this movie might be it's weak point given the extreme action oriented nature of this movie but I disagree, as I said the love story between Wade Wilson and Vanessa is in fact the central and most gripping part of the movie and we gotta thank Morena Baccarin's character Vanessa for that and the way she portrayed it.

The chemistry between these two characters are so good that you might envy them and re-evaluate your own love life, so bringing your girlfriend to this movie might have unpredictable results!

On the other hand the action is top notch and very Deadpool-ish, acrobatic attacks, beheading, impaling, headshots, unpredictable moves they are all in there and surprisingly the cinematography department does an excellent job to an extent you are able to follow through and watch each and every single blow.

Tim Miller's (director) sense of visuals are quite fresh and unique and I gotta say he's done one helluva job and the opening sequence of this movie is a testament to his sense of amazing visual direction.

But the true heroes of this movie are Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the guys who wrote this movie and executive produced it, the screenplay is simply amazing, Deadpool is unique in the comic book domain because he's a character who knows that he exists in a comic book/movie/video game and actively breaks the fourth wall all the time and that provides a lot of creative options in terms of narrative and my god these two writers exploited that aspect of the character in the most genius and entertaining way and the way they handled the pacing was another stroke of brilliance, switching between past and present and fleshing out both sides of the story side by side without dragging down the entertainment value.

Colossus was a big surprise for me in this movie because he acts as an interesting juxtaposition to Wade Wilson's Deadpool and in that process we learn more and more about these two characters and I'll give extra points to this movie because by far this is THE most comic book accurate interpretation of Colossus and as a comic book fan I loved that!

But with everything said and done, is this movie flawless? of course not there are some flaws in this movie and that unfortunately roadblocks this movie from being a masterpiece.

First and foremost the secondary villain Angel Dust (Gina Carano) serves no purpose in this plot and the plot of this movie would have worked perfectly even without her, this character is painfully one dimensional, on the other hand Ajax (Ed Skrien) was pretty good but nothing spectacular.

Similarly one can easily spot the CGI in this movie because it looks like a video game during some sequences and that might take some viewers out of the experience but I am not gonna complain about it though, because with a budget of 58 million they've done an impressive job with CGI.

At last there's a plothole/plot armor sort of thing at the end of this movie, it might not bother casual viewers but it's definitely a sign of lazy writing towards the ending of this movie.


The entertainment value of this movie is 10/10 and you would enjoy this movie on repeat viewings as well, this is everything that we ever wanted from a Deadpool movie but caters to mass audience as well and it delivers BIG TIME.

I am sure this movie will stand out and will shine brightly because of it's unique nature and the way it was executed and in a weird way this makes the comic book movie genre more dynamic and fresh and it's definitely a good thing!


  • Romance Plot
  • Colossus
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Pure Entertainment Value
  • Comic Book Accuracy
  • Sound Mixing/Editing
  • Music by Junkie XL


  • Angel Dust
  • Lazy writing towards the end
  • CGI

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