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Now that Deadpool has been unleashed to the United States, it's time to talk about the movie. This is not a full out review, because if it was, it would be in the review portion of Moviepilot. This discussion is going to focus on the best, funniest, goriest and most uncomfortable scenes in the movie, with some talk about that cameo. So be warned, spoilers are a plenty. If you don't want it spoiled for you, go see the movie tonight and then come back. So here. We. Go!

With the release of Deadpool came a lot of hype regarding the Merc with a Mouth and the character's ability to hold his own in a movie. I can tell you first hand, he pulled it off. It's not the greatest "movie" per say, but it is the most actual fun you will have watching a superhero movie in theaters until Deadpool 2.

Between the raunchy jokes and the gory way our antihero disposes of his foes, this movie earned its hard R rating, to the approval of its loyal fan base. So, let's get started with the most goriest scene in the movie, and for that we have a tie. The first comes as Deadpool is being very economical with the usage of his bullets as he is running low with more bad guys than bullets. With 12 in the magazine, he starts counting off as he fires at the bad guys, once he gets down to his finial one, he sees that there is three guys left, which of course means one thing. They would have to share, and sharing he does as he puts that one bullet through all three of their heads in awesome slow motion.

The second scene comes during the opening action sequence of the movie, which is also the same test footage that was leaked or not leaked by Ryan Reynolds himself. During the fight scene in the SUV, Deadpool kicks one of the baddies out the vehicle while it's rolling around on the freeway, the baddie is then plastered to a freeway sign like a pancake, and a little later in the movie, finally peels off and falls on the car below.

Now, let's talk about the funniest scene in my opinion. Which in this movie there were plenty of them, but only one stands out to me. Some notable mentions would be every mention of Hugh Jackman in the movie; from his discussions about fondling his genitalia, to Deadpool getting his mask removed by his future baby mama revealing he is wearing a make shift mask of Hugh Jackman.

The funniest by far was the scene where Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead interfere with the capture of Francis aka Ajax. As they attempt to explain to Deadpool the cause & effects of how he does things, and also reminding him that he should join the X-Men, Francis escapes. The reaction that Deadpool expresses during this scene is so simple and so Deadpool, that the theater just busted out in laughter.

The most uncomfortable scene, and that's putting it lightly, is very uncomfortable to say the least; during a Deadpool style montage of him and his new girl spending a year together, they have sex in very peculiar ways to celebrate every holiday, which was a helpful way to let the audience know how much time has gone by. From the Chinese New Year, to what I believe (It was hard to hear with everyone laughing) was International Woman's Day. On that holiday, that's when she literally turn the tables on him. Which resulted in a very bent over Wade Wilson and a very comfortable Vanessa with a strap on while whispering in his ears "Happy International Woman's Day". Then it's followed by Wade grimacing in uncomfortable pain. Yes, it was as uncomfortable as you currently are remembering it.

The best scene in my opinion came during the climax of the movie, as Deadpool was taking out one random bad guy after another, he runs into an old friend from Jacksonville that just so happens to be a merc trying to kill him. He then proceeds to knock him out and continue to talk about the tuna casserole his friend's wife makes that she is convinced is so good. A second later, he whistled for Francis to look down (from what looks to be a Helicarrier) so he can see what Deadpool made for him. Which was his name, Francis, spelled out in bodies, with the "I" being a man with his pants down mooning Francis. This scene in the movie let out the biggest laugh from the audience.

There was a very cool and unexpected cameo location in the movie. Our man, Stan Lee made an appearance in the movie, but this will separate his cameos from every other cameo he's currently done. He played a DJ in a strip club with naked women everywhere. That right there, is Stan himself seeing the style of character that is Deadpool, and going with it. Everyone was surprised to see him there.

The end credits scene was our typical Deadpool. The scene opens up to a hallway that has frames on the walls. He pokes his head out and walks towards the camera in his robe and says "You are still here?". He then continues to tell everyone that Deadpool 2 is going to introduce Cable and they are looking for anyone with a flat top. He rattled off some days, including Dolph Laundren, but the most notable was Keira Knightley, which got a big laugh.

In my opinion, and this is just speculation on my part, his constant comments and jokes about Hugh Jackman lead me to think that he is trying to get the fan base, as he did with the movie getting green-lit, to demand Wolverine's involvement in the next Deadpool. We all know that they leaked the footage to cause the fans to demand a movie get made, so why not try to push that envelope and get Hugh Jackman to appease the fan base, and put the claws on one more time for a Deadpool sequel.


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