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Like all of you I am excited for Captain America Civil War that is ofcourse what you know. Because all of us are. Just today a Batman trailer was released and it increased my hype. (Yes, Batman trailer because it was very much Batman influenced and that is what I loved about it.) Now what I get to know is at the end of the movie both Batman and Superman join forces and fight against Luthor and Doomsday. But I am a little confused what will happen at the end of Captain America Civil War. Will Cap, Iron Man and other Avengers come together and fight against the threat who was suggested as a new villain? Or Baron Zemo is another primary villain like Crossbones and is not a part of third act. So let us try to form a story according to the chronological trailer and my thinking.

Mask is Unmasked in the movie.
Mask is Unmasked in the movie.
"Captain America Civil War is set after a year of Avengers 2. Cap leads a new team of Avengers and Scarlet Witch isnt able to control her powers. They go after Crossbones and this where Cap comes to know about Bucky. Either Cap is introduced to the Accords or first finds Bucky. The first one is highly possible. Then there is a blast in UN assembly at this point of time or earlier in the film for which Bucky is blamed and is actually framed by Baron Zemo. Cap captures Bucky and takes him to an appartment with the help of Falcon. Later Black Panther comes and the police hunts Bucky down in the appartment. Bucky escapes while Cap tackles the Police. Then Bucky rides a bike and Black Panther follows him and Cap follows Black Panther. Police is also there in this chase sequence and eventually leads up to Bucky's arrest but Cap confronts all of them and either Buck is taken to somewhere or he runs. Then comes Iron Man and movie focuses on his perspective Falcon is brought there with others. Black Widow warns Cap before this but he is ready to take risk for his bestie. Later I dont know what happens but those on Cap's side get along. Falcon brings Ant Man and then they, I think are already in Germany as both the police, their cars and the explosion is set in Germany. Later some events happen Iron Man assembles his team and so does Cap and they square off at an Airport."

What I think is they should introduce Spider-Man in Marvel way like they did in Avengers 2 referring to Cap's shield.

Rhodey- Tony they have 6 players we are 5
T' Challa- We are enough.
Natasha- I dont know why Barton's there.
Tony- I am suprised you are here. Are you upset with Banner?
Natasha- Thats what Banner would do. I am tired of being in Shadows. Maybe Barton is protecting his family.
Tony- But thats the wrong way. Do you know that guy on New York streets circled everyday by Daily Bugle?
Natasha- The guy who swings and crawls.
Tony- Yes.
Spider-Man- Woo-hoo! (Swinging and beating some criminals)

Now you see I haven't included anything about Baron Zemo. So let us hope we get something new about him before the movie releases.

What do you think about the third act? The movie may also referred to suspense thriller by Anthony Mackie. The superbowl trailer was very popular on social media as like the trailer which smashed all records. Will the film do that too?

Only time will tell. Captain America Civil War ignites Phase 3 of MCU. Releases on 6th May in US & on 29th April in the UK.


What do you think about Captain America?


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