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2015 was a fantastic year for movies, we got tons of great blockbusters, indies, biopics, and animation. With all these great movies come memorable quotes that we can use for our many years to come to show our movie trivia off to our friends. I think we've got some iconic ones from last year that will only grow as the years go by, check them out below!

16. 'Ex Machina'

"One day the A.I.s are going to look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa. An upright ape living in dust with crude language and tools, all set for extinction."

First on this list is the surprise hit Ex-Machina from last year! I adored this movie and this quote is what stuck with me most.

15. 'Trainwreck'

“Mark Wahlberg? I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg!”

Trainwreck is a rom-com that solidified Amy Schumer's rise to comedy glory, but John Cena's minor role was probably my favorite part of the movie.

14. 'Room'

Ma: "You're gonna love it."

Jack: "What?"

Ma: "The world."

Room was a movie I was totally blown away by, and, like Ex Machina, it was a total surprise to me! The performances by Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay were exceptional, and this seems to be the key quote from the story.

13. 'The Revenant'

"I ain't afraid to die anymore. I've done it already."

The best film of the year is bound to cough up some neat quotes and this one is my favorite from the Leonardo DiCaprio drama. Even if you haven't seen this movie, you will recognize this quote from the various trailers it featured in.

12. 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

“Please be a secret door, please be a secret door… Yay!”

This quote was said near the start of the movie and I thought it was the funniest in the film! I'm not sure if we'll see the same chirpy Tony Stark in Civil War.

11. 'Straight Outta Compton'

“Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.”

The N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton is a film full of fantastic quotes, both inspiring and funny, but for this I said I'd take out what I think is the best one.

10. 'Spy'

"Nothing kills me. I'm immune to 179 different types of poison. I know because I ingested them all at once when I was deep undercover in an underground poison-ingesting crime ring."

For me, Spy was one of the biggest surprises of 2015. It was absolutely hilarious and Jason Statham's character stole the show throughout! This is just one of his gems.

9. 'Ant-Man'

"I think we should call the Avengers."

This was something going through all our minds when watching Ant-Man, so it was top-notch when he referenced it.

8. 'Furious 7'

"I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time and I think that's why we were brothers - because you did too. No matter where you are in this world, whether it's a quarter mile away or half way across the world. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room, right here, right now. Salute mi familia. You'll always be with me. And you'll always be my brother."

In an emotional farewell bid to the late, great Paul Walker, Vin Diesel gave this fantastic speech that you know came straight from the heart.

7. 'Jurassic World'

"You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea."

Box office smash, Jurassic World was an insanely fun film with the amazing Chris Pratt as the lead, Owen. For me this was his best line in the film.

6. 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

"My name is Max. My world is fire and blood."

George Miller's masterpiece was loved by practically everybody and Tom Hardy's performance was one to be admired. Some of his dialogue is hard to understand, but this iconic line will be forever remembered.

5. 'Inside Out'

Sadness: "You could get lost in there!"

Joy: "Think positive!"

Sadness: "Okay, I'm positive you will get lost in there."

Inside Out is number five for one of the funniest and most sarcastic quotes of 2015. Sadness was a character that came out with some great quotes, but this one had me laughing the most, by far!

4. 'Inside Out' (Again)

“Take her to the moon for me. OK?”

As much as I loved the last quote, I couldn't leave this soul-crushing one out. This is one of those quotes that prove Pixar can control our emotions with their storytelling!

3. 'Creed'

Rocky Balboa: "Apollo? Yeah, he was great. Perfect fighter. Ain't nobody ever better."

Adonis Johnson: "So how did you beat him?"

Rocky Balboa: "Time beat him. Time, you know, takes everybody out. It's undefeated."

Creed was one of my favorite films of 2015 and a lot of it is because of Sylvester Stallone's performance as the iconic Rocky. This quote was a heavy one to digest, but remains as probably my favorite Rocky quote ever.

2. 'The Martian'

“In the face of overwhelming odds, I’m left with only one option, I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this.”

In a movie that deals with drama and comedy effortlessly, we were gifted with this exceptional quote from Matt Damon's character, Mark Watney. If you haven't already seen The Martian, stop what your doing and watch it now!

1. 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

"We're home Chewie."

Did you expect anything else? An iconic quote in the making that debuted with the trailer and left fans all over the world teary-eyed. No matter how many times you hear him say it, you still feel a tingle in your body with the weight it packs. A well deserved number one!

So, that's it guys! What did you think of my list? What quote count-down should I do next? Best Star Wars quotes, best Marvel quotes? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me!


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