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Just when our excitement regarding the upcoming Marvel centerpiece [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) starts to die down something like the Super Bowl TV spot comes along to fan the flames once more, and we have absolutely no issue with that.

If you've somehow missed it, here it is again! Don't say we're not good to you.

Following on from the official trailer release towards the end of last year we've now seen a fair portion of what Civil War has to offer. But whilst we've been shown quite a bit in the trailers there's been a few notable character absences - Spider Man (Tom Holland) most of all.

This is all for good reason of course; whilst the trailers push hard to get the concept across that the Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War will be vastly different from the comics and revolve more around Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) as it picks up the Winter Soldier narrative, it's also basic marketing. If you blow your load too early no-one's going to want to go see the finished product, so there's no wonder there's still a lot to be revealed when the release date rolls around.


But it has struck us as a little odd that we haven't seen much of the big bads of Civil War showing up yet (apart from a glimpse of Crossbones in the first trailer). Of course Civil War in the comic books didn't really set the heroes up along division lines of good and evil, it's the ideologic split between two factions in the massively expanded world of comic book heroes that provides the conflict there.

Whilst in the comics there are definite villain archetypes like the Thunderbolts (who fuck up Spider Man pretty badly) it's all a lot more shades of grey (no, not that one). It's easy to see how the muddled lines of morality translate over to Civil War, especially when the narrative seems to centre itself around Bucky, and especially when we see Steve Roger's (Chris Evans) best friend trying to off Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in the latest teaser trailer.

But Marvel have thrown some more loops into the mix with the addition of several villains, two of which we haven't seen yet in the MCU. These are of course Crossbones / Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo), Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) and Karpov (Gene Faber) - who we assume to be the lesser known but very important Vasily Karpov, a man instrumental in the creation of the Winter Soldier.

L-R: Karpov, Crossbones & Baron Zemo
L-R: Karpov, Crossbones & Baron Zemo

The problem with casting narrative lines from the comic books is that many aspects don't always make it neatly across the continuity and media gap that is the comic book to cinema adaptation. And Civil War is a tough one due to the incredible amount of story that directors Anthony and Joe Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have to fit into one Hollywood length film.

Whilst Karpov is slated to appear it seems likely that he'll have a pretty small role, perhaps appearing in the form of flashbacks. This is due partly to the fact that 36-year old voice actor Gene Faber is a little too young to be playing a modern era Karpov - a man who was active during the time of the Cold War.

We've seen a bit of Crossbones, both in the first trailer and from behind the scenes photos, and we know that he's coming after Cap with a bit of a bug up his butt due to the small fact of the disfiguring burns he suffered during [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973).


As for Baron Zemo it's all sounding a bit mysterious on that front. We know that he's going to appear very different from his comic book counterpart as he will appear without his iconic, melted-to-his-face mask. But there's actually two iterations of Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo and Helmut Zemo) in the Marvel comics as it's a title passed down in a lineage from father to son, but they both wore the mask though for slightly different reasons.

Elizabeth Olsen (who portrays the seriously underused Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff) stated in an interview last year that Baron Zemo will be the "main villain" in Civil War. Given the scope for change with this particular character it's possible that the Baron Zemo we'll be seeing will be a new character all together, as both Brühl and the Russo brothers have teased a modern take on the character only loosely connected to the comic book counterpart.

Helmut Zemo, like Deadpool on a bad day
Helmut Zemo, like Deadpool on a bad day

It's pretty interesting that Zemo is set to appear alongside Karpov though, especially since - like Vasily Karpov - he has a history with Bucky Barnes. It was Heinrich Zemo who caused Bucky's apparent death during World War II and his son Helmut Zemo (who is jealous of Bucky, probably because he has fabulous hair) has kidnapped and drugged him on occasion in order to get him to commit unlawful acts (poor Bucky can't catch a break).

The presence of these two could spell trouble for the former Winter Soldier when Civil War rolls around, especially if - as suggested by the Super Bowl teaser - he's still under some influence of Hydra brainwashing. Hopefully they won't get too much in the way of the big superhero showdown we've been waiting to see.

Because when May 6, 2016 rolls around it's time for Captain America and Iron Man to go head to head in Captain America: Civil War, and we can't wait.

What do you think the villains will be up to in Captain America: Civil War? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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