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...iarism. She is being sued for copyright infringement, which is very different. The cause for suit involves eight causes of action that involve trademark and trade dress laws as well. Exhibit 3 contains 16 pages of details, plot points, and characters that are allegedly identical between the two as well as a supposed agreement that Clare made with Kenyon. You can check out the complaint here: And you can view the Exhibit here: Bear in mind that while many of these are quite general initially, they build to more specific allegations. That's typical of this kind of suit. And Clare, of course, will have time to file her answer, which will address these issues. In this case, it's hard to say how the court will find, though if this goes like most of these cases, they will settle out of court. But it is important to not refer to this as a plagiarism case. That's a different matter entirely, and, in fairness, I don't think this would have as much of a chance if not for the trademark infringement aspect that is being used to bolster the claims. Trademark law is very different, and the specific copyright infringements addressed in this complaint are distinct from plagiarism as well.

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