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You need to know about Eddie the Eagle. This is a very good movie and when you see it you will agree. I walked in expecting a movie I would walk away from and forget instantly. Just as you did when I saw the trailer I could picture the movie in my head. The "Hero" never gives up and is determined to accomplish dream no matter the cost. Character B is the hardened older man who doesn't believe in anything anymore. You know the " your neva gonna make it kid" guy with the smokers voice included. Seen it! The same formula time and time again why would you pay for that again. Plus this one was about a ski jumper.... ya, I know, talk about a sport that no one cares about. Not just me everyone I brought the movie up too made the same " Ski jumping?" face. I am stubborn so I will say I was 50% right instead of saying I was 50% wrong about this movie. I enjoyed it and I would see it again, It makes all the feels hit me when I think about it.

The first scene gets you invested with the character. Not just because the kid is the cutest thing ever but because you see that his mom believes in his dreams to. His dad is the mean guy telling him to give up and learn a real skill and work.... Typical family dynamic. They move on quickly and don't drag it out like some of theses movies do.. You know who you are. They showcase his natural ability to suck at everything and his Olympic skill at breaking glasses. Then they show that he finds his sport " Winter Olympics". It picks up the pace again and take us through his youth.

Nothing tragic happened in his life so that doesn't carry him through the story. No batman level death of his parents or father leaving him and his mother. It is all based on a true story and the determination of the this character. It helps the movies sore into my heart and mind. ( Dang I told myself i wouldn't use any bird puns) The character is lovable and you're heartless if you're not rooting for him. Shame and you and your high horsey. Ok... I was lying because if your not telling him to give up and go home you are heartless. Ski jumping is dangerous and you cant stand to see him hurt himself or worse.. Die trying to much.

They didn't add some love interest just to make us care about his journey. His love interest was Ski jumping and it is a sport that can literally kill you even if you know what you are doing. It was very refreshing to see the movie stay true in that fact. It highlighted that many times as characters told you and it showed some terrible hard to watch falls. Back to the best part of the movie, Ski jumping and it is definitely a white person sport. I would rather jump out of a plane then Ski jump. I would walk on hot coals instead of Ski jumping. The list goes on and on i just want everyone understand all the risk involved in the sport. They also tell you that Eddie is way too late to the game. " You should have started when you were 4" they say. When he decides a year before the 1988 Olympics that he is gonna switch to the sport he was very late. Even tho he was the only British Ski jumper they didn't make it easy for him to make it. Hurdle after hurdle and you just realize that this guy isn't going to give up. Did you think you would be on the edge of your seat as your heart beats out of your chest? well that is why you are 50% right about this movie. I wasn't ready as Kevin hart would say. The Ski Jumps are Beautiful, Thrilling, and heart pumping. I don't want to get into detail but applause to the director for capturing the thrills of Ski jumping.

I want you to pay attention to some parts of the movie. Every time you tell yourself "OMG". When you wanna tell the character to give up and stop killing himself. This is why the story of Eddie the Eagle is inspiring. You can't believe the story of this man. He beat all odds against him and accomplished his dream. So I tell you here and now over the wall of the internet to your face. Go see Eddie the Eagle and you will be surprised and happy that you did.


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