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As we grow ever closer to the release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, I'm left to wonder what we'll be left with for the remaining members of the Justice League. So far, we've seen Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in all of the trailers, but we've only heard rumors or seen promotional images for the remaining members: Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash (still no word on Shazam for the JLA since they're going the New 52 direction).

I've written articles on the villains I want to see in future Batman solo films, being the crazy fan that I am, but now I ponder some of my favorite villains outside of the Dark Knight's rogues. The DC universe is filled with the best villains in all of comics, in my opinion. So here are the five that I love the most for the heroes that we haven't been introduced to yet.

1. Atrocitus

When the Guardians of Oa (the Green Lantern home world) unleashed the Manhunters on Sector 666, Atros barely escaped death with a handful of others. Renaming himself Atrocitus, he and the survivors banded together with a grudge against the Guardians and, in turn, the Green Lantern Corps.

After multiple attempts to destroy the Guardians, Atrocitus finally found an answer to infinite power. Combining his rage, some rituals, and literally the blood of the other Manhunter survivors, he was able to create not only the first red power rings, but also the central battery to charge them, becoming the very first Red Lantern.

He used his newfound power to not only attempt new attacks on the GL Corps, but also against Sinestro, the original Green Lantern, to defeat him. Though he's gone back and forth between being an antihero and a super villain, he's one of my favorite baddies in the DC Universe. My choice for the part would be Michael Fassbender.

He's been the hero, the villain, a robot, an inventor, and soon an assassin. Fassbender has tremendous abilities as an actor, and although Atrocitus would have a lot of CGI involved in his look, Fassbender could provide a dominating voice and presence for the Red Lantern boss.

2. Ocean Master

For all of you comic book enthusiasts, like myself, I'll be referring to his origins as they're given in the New 52 relaunch. After Queen Atlanna of Atlantis sends her half-human son, Arthur (Aquaman) to live with his human father on the surface, she remarries and gives birth to her second son, Orm, who would later become Ocean Master.

After the mysterious deaths of his parents, Orm was crowned king of Atlantis and given power over all of the oceans and the underwater city. After a submarine seemingly attacks Atlantis, Orm convinces the Atlanteans to attack the surface world, thus engaging in a battle with his very own half-brother, Aquaman, and soon provokes the Justice League itself into battle.

Though I don't expect Warner Bros. and DC to make the Throne of Atlantis story a full-on Justice League experience, it would make a great origin story for Jason Momoa's Aquaman. The man I would pick to be the submerged villain to face against Momoa would be Luke Evans.

Most recently seen in films including Dracula Untold, Fast & Furious 6, and the Hobbit films, Evans' experience ranges all over in the film world. He's a very dynamic actor in every role he has, showing both intensity and skill, and I'm just itching for him to be in a comic book villain role.

3. Klarion

Klarion is a witch, hailing from another dimension, who specializes in the darkest forms of sorcery. After getting tired of adults telling him what to do, he and his cat familiar open a gateway into our world, where he hopes to do what he wants whenever he wants.

Primarily hunted by Etrigan, a demon, who tries multiple times to send Klarion back to his own dimension, the witch boy has come into contact with many members of the Justice League as well, including Wonder Woman and Flash. Though he wouldn't pose much of a threat against the League in its entirety, he would be a match for a hero on their own. My choice for Klarion would be a little bit of an older version, but I choose Jeremy Allen White.

Known primarily for his main role in Showtime's series Shameless, White has taken his character on a roller coaster over and over throughout the series. His abilities as an actor seem overshadowed by the fact that he's barely ventured outside of the small screen. Personally, he's my favorite character on the show and one of my favorite TV actors, so I'd love the comic book role to be his big break into movies.

The age of the superhero movie is upon us, my friends! This year will be legendary for comic book films! Who's your favorite comic book villain, be they random or mainstream?


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