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New streaming service 'Hayu' will launch in Australia next month to compete against Netflix.

Netflix Inc. expanded its global footprints in Australia in March last year where most people wanted it. Almost one year has passed and it has shown why it is the biggest television network in the world. Netflix’s services were the most demanded by the Aussies and many viewers jumped on the ship before it even officially launched in the region. Nearly 340,000 people used VPN services to access Netflix and sign up for it. The firm did not appreciate this but that is the ‘magic’ of the best streaming platform.

When the streaming giant announced regarding its arrival in the region, the established cable and internet TV providers were threatened that their businesses will be sidelined with the arrival of the uncrowned king of the streaming industry. Netflix is already the most desired streaming platform or TV viewing platform in the region. It seems as most consumers prefer Netflix over any other traditional or internet TV service provider in the region.

According to the Australian reports, it has emerged that there is another Netflix enemy in Australia, which is expected to give competition to the streaming service provider. Analysts say that the streaming giant should watch its back as another streaming service has emerged, which will be looking for the viewers’ money.

Regardless of the fact that Netflix clearly dominates the streaming space, who knows what competition it might face from a new entry in the industry. Being confident is one thing and being overconfident is a completely new level.

The new streaming service is called Hayu, which will debut in Australia next month. It is a streaming platform but it will not be similar to Netflix or other domestic service providers, such as Stan or Presto. Instead of focusing on scripted TV, movies, and documentaries, Hayu will be focusing on reality TV.

For viewers who are fond of reality series and reality shows such as Kardashian clans or real(ish) housewives, this is supposed to be the best platform for them. Hayu will allow its viewers to ‘indulge’ in the all the guilty pleasures and will provide them with the updated suggestions for various genres.

The Australian News reported that I Am Cait, Made In Chelsea, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Shahs of Sunset, Keeping Up With The The Kardashians, The Millionaire Matchmaker, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and The Real Housewives of New York will be some of the programs that will be included at the launch.

Hayu will initiate the service with 3000 episodes of reality TV program in March. It vowed to keep adding 500 episodes throughout the year every year. There will be programs debut on Hayu at the same time of release in America.

The service will be available to consumers at a monthly fee of $5.99 mainly because of its limited genre choice. The price is much cheaper than other streaming options in the region. Viewers will get the first free month trial service.


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