ByTim Glover, writer at

Deadpool is EXACTLY what the superhero genre of films needed. Ryan Renolds was born to play this role, and Tim Miller was born to make this film.

Sure you could say the superhero genre is oversaturated, but I'd say ever since Guardians of the Galaxy there has been a change in tone for the subculture and change isn't always bad. Deadpool changes the game again. Taking Kingsman spot just in time for that Valentine's Day love. Fox delivers yet another hard R-rated superhero film. As not a huge Deadpool fan, and I get comics every week, this film has earned its way in to my top 5 for superhero films of all time. This is the most fun I've had in theaters in years. It's hard not to love Deadpool in some aspect.

The characters in this film really shine through. For not expecting to have an enlightened catharsis. I felt for Wade when he becomes horribly disfigured, and tries to do certain things but can because of his appearance. As someone who has struggled with self-esteem this character really struck home with me in a way I was not expecting. Everyone is on top of their game. Another highlight is Colossus. In about the 15-20 minutes of screen time Tim Miller has managed to create more context for Colossus than Bryan Singer has did an any X-Men film.

With Apocalypse coming out and us for some reason still getting those black suits, Miller gave an amazing X-suit with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and one of the most believable characters in the X-Men cinematic universe, who isn't Wolverine. I whole hardly wish Tim Miller could take the reigns of the X-Men cinematic universe, he clearly has the talent delivering 'maximum effort'.


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