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In the fight to me I think it would probably be a draw. Like really all the heros know each they was on the same team. Its obvious that they Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision and especially Iron Man did some kid of data on each of other when they join Avengers, just in case someone would betrayed the team. Iron Man is the most cautious hero. He has a counter move for everybody know or thinks a threat. Black Widow and Hawkeye is like brothers and sisters. They know each other like the back there hand. Vision was program with everybody's info. He picked up Thors hammer for gods seaks. Captain America is like the most cautious hero to mostly about Iron Man all the time. When Nick Fury came to draft Cap. Fury gave him all the info he need about all the heros on the team. War Machine is like a downgrade version of Iron Man. He still power but come on now its really not going to take that much to put him down as you see in the trailer. Falcon all you need to do is take his wings away and he done. Sure he's got some experience in combat and fire arms but he's really useless without his wings. Ant Man can be huge threat with his mind and abilities. He's just as smart as Iron Man but he really hasn't have time to train and learn all the things he can do by himself and with a team. Buckey is a huge threat no doubt he prove that in Winter Solider. At the same time doe only Cap. knows everything about Buckey. Cap. knows what Buckey can do and what he can't do; weaknesses or strength. Like I said earlier Iron always have info on everybody but I doubt he has a counter move for him. He doesn't even know all Buckey abilities. Only thing Iron Man could really know is that Cap. and Buckey sometimes think the same and have similar fighting styles. Only thing that Iron Man will have to get use to is how Cap. combines his combat with his shield throwing and all the other abilities he can do with it etc. Buckey in the meanwhile just has a metal that have weaponry tricks inside of it sometimes. Only heros that nobody knows of there full abilities are Back Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ant Man depends on how experience they make him of his abilities in combat and if Spider Man is really in the movie him too. Now let me start we Scarlet. She is really like the most powerful of all the heros. Like she is Magnedow daughter you would expect that of her from how powerful her dad is. She can destroy things and probably people in seconds but only when sher gets emotional. For example in Age of Ultron when her brother died. She rage destroyed all those robots in seconds. Vision like I said was programmed with everybody's info but everybody don't know everything about him not even Iron Man know that much. Only person who knows the most about Vision is Thor because Vision has one of the infinity stones on his head and with that stone on his head it makes him super powerful. Now Black Panther, now Iron Man and Black Widow probably know more about him than anybody else because he's on there team and they probably was the one's who recruited him coming from Nick Fury's orders. But I doubt they know his full abilities and what he can really do. Spider Man is like the only person know can really catch, counter or know fully about his abilities. Spider Mans abilities, his combat sure its a couple of heros in the movie can counter his combat. His super strength its a couple of heroes in the movie that can counter that. The things the heros in the movie really can't counter is his web skill and I know what your going to say they can just rip right threw his webs but Spider Man doesn't just use his webs as a weapon or just winging around. He uses his webs for speed in combat. For example in The Amazing Spider Man at the end of the movie when Spider Man was fighting the Lizard Man I had forgotten his name but did you see the Lizard Man was having trouble keeping up with Spider Man because he kept using his webs to get to another place but in very short distance. If made the Lizard so mad he had to break Spider Mans webs. Next Spider Mans spidey census, nobody knows how about how his census work or how to counter them thats people wants his blood so they can figure out the secret. Its like Spider Man counter everybody's moves but they can't reallt counter his. And sure his census doesn't works all the time for example if somebody comes at him in a lighting speed his spidey census would go off but it depends on how fast his body react. Also Spider Man is very smart. Like he is up the there with Iron Man and Ant Man. Anyway this is why I say it will a draw because mostly all the heros with draw out against each other it will probably be 3 or 4 heros still fighting at the end. My guess is Vision, Scarlet Witch, Spider Man and Black Panther. Thankyou for reading about my opinion on the who would win topic. Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man.


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