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Deadpool has generated an impressive $12 million on its overseas opening, but the R-rated superhero hasn't endeared himself to every corner of the globe.

The Hollywood Reporter (citing news agency Sputnik) is reporting that Deadpool has just been banned by the national cinema authority of Uzbekistan — effectively removing it from all theaters. A spokesperson for the MegaCinema complex in the capital city of Tashkent announced:

We won't screen Deadpool as it has an age restriction and is not in line with ethical norms in our society.

The movie was due to open in the former Soviet republic today, and it's the second recent banning of a high profile Western movie in the predominantly Muslim regions of the former USSR. Last year, the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation also fell foul of government censors in Russia’s North Caucasus.

This in unlikely to be a huge setback for Fox, as Uzbekistan is hardly an extremely lucrative nation when it comes to cinema, however, the central Asian nation isn't alone in banning Deadpool. We also heard last month that Fox's debut of the Merc With a (Foul) Mouth will also not be shown in China — which is a much more serious issue.

Regardless, if yesterday's box office figures are anything to go by, Deadpool still seems set to make a healthy amount of cash across the globe.


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