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If you're hoping to get some romantic gaming in this Valentine's day but don't know how to seduce your partner to the idea then look no further. These titles are all perfectly suited to the unitiated gamer, designed to be enjoyed with your special player 2.

Life is Strange

Narrative heavy adventure games are the bread and butter of the backseat gamer, and this indie-movie-cum-interactive adventure is one of the finest examples in the genre. Fall in love with your high school sweetheart all over again and reminisce about the days of awkward house parties, pubescent insecurities and plenty of poor decisions

LA Noire

Clean up the seedy streets of LA in this moody crime drama. Whether you're a femme fatale or a hard-boiled detctive, the romance of a smoke-filled 1920s America is sure to get the blood pumping.

The Witness

Jonathan Blow's devious puzzler is a game that benefits hugely from having a second pair of eyes. When you've been staring at the same seemingly impossible maze puzzle for an hour, you'll be begging yor partner for help. More often than not, it can take just a few seconds for another perspective to see the solution, at which point you'll want to rain grateful kisses upon your savior.


The block building phenomenon's success was predicated on it being a primarily social experience, so it only makes sense that you dive in with your 'special friend'. Minecraft's free-forming laid back gameplay is non-threatening to the uninitiated gamer, and also allows time for ducking out when the mood inevitably strikes.

You Don't Know Jack

This ticklingly surreal quiz game will feel immediately accessible to those who've never even touched a dual joystick controller, making this wonderful collection of modern parlour games the prime choice for game-phobic SOs.

Little Big Planet

A whimsical, easy to play platformer will charm you and your date's pants off. Create your own collaborative level or wonder the wildly imaginaive creations of other players. Oh, and all while listening to the seductively dulcet tones of Stephen Fry.

Rock Band

If you like karaoke but are afraid of embarassing your partner in public then retreat to the isolation of your living room and unleash your godly inner rocker.

What games do you play with your SO?


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