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When it comes to films, audiences usually tend to gravitate toward action-packed thrillers and blockbusters like The Avengers or Star Wars. However, not every good film is filled with machine guns, starships or superheroes. Sometimes we get a heart-warming tale of a real man's struggles and accomplishments, and with Eddie The Eagle, we get one of the most inspirational stories of all time.

Eddie The Eagle is the true story of a kid (played by Kingsman: The Secret Service star Taron Egerton) who wanted to become an Olympian more than anything. As he grew older, he was constantly told that he wasn't an athlete, and that he would never be an Olympian. Eddie ignored all the naysayers and discovered his love of skiing, which led to his attempt to join the British Olympic ski squad.

Though he was unlucky with his attempt, he switched his focus to ski jumping, an event that the British didn't even have a team for. That didn't faze Eddie, as he brought himself to a ski-jumping training facility where he met Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman), a seasoned ski jumper who would bring Eddie closer to the Olympics than he ever dreamt possible.

Though these types of movies might not make as many headlines as Deadpool or The Force Awakens, inspirational flicks like Eddie The Eagle are incredibly important to cinema in general. Rey's journey in the latest Star Wars flick may have gotten you excited, but what was the last film to actually engage your emotions? What movie brought you to as many ups and downs as the main character?

For me, those are movies like August Rush or the more recent Whiplash. Both are fantastic movies about struggling musicians as they conquer many trials and tribulations to reach their ultimate goal. As much as I love those two movies, they both share yet another thing in common: they're fictional.

The real Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards
The real Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards

Eddie The Eagle is based on the true story of Michael "Eddie The Eagle" Edwards, who actually had to face all of the obstacles that you see in the film. The movie is akin to Cool Runnings, in which our protagonists' achievements (and even failures) are not just some story. Yep, these are real events.

Movies like these have a way of influencing emotions like no other can. While we may get excited when the Resistance beats the First Order, or when the Avengers defeat Ultron, we can feel Eddie's victories in a uniquely genuine way, thanks to incredible acting on Egerton's part. Eddie The Eagle is the ultimate feel-good movie that will have you cheering Eddie on throughout the entire journey!

'Eddie The Eagle' flies into theaters on February 26.


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