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I've been looking forward to seeing Deadpool for quite some time now. Being an avid comic-book and superhero fan, I've known of the Deadpool character for quite some time. One of my first real visual experiences with the character was in the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions when Deadpool challenged the Ultimate Spider-Man to appear on his reality show: Pain-Factor which took place on an abandoned oil rig. That easily became one of my favourite levels in the game. I was fascinated with the character and remember thinking "Man, this guy can talk!". It was a truly fun experience. Although I had those happy memories and was looking forward to seeing the film, I didn't go into the movie theater as a massive Deadpool fan, I just went as someone looking to enjoy one of the most anticipated films of the year. Thus, I give you my complete unbiased review of Deadpool.

I'll admit it, originally I was in two minds about going to see Deadpool: Part of me thought it wouldn't really be my cup of tea, and then the other part of me knew that it would be my cup of tea. Well what I ended up getting was one of the best darn cups of tea ever because Deadpool was one heck of a film! In what could only be described as a hilarious, action-packed, completely over the top, eccentric, ballsy thrill-ride, Ryan Reynolds brings the character to life, ripping his very essence from the comic pages and delivering us a comic-book (superhero?) adaptation like none ever before.

I know that Reynolds has been subjected to criticism in the past: specifically for the Green Lantern film but allow me to put your mind at rest: As Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds delivers the performance of his career, putting any criticism or fears to rest and assures fans that the character is safe in his hands. The fight scenes are bold, well executed and complimented geniously by Reynold's commentary. Speaking of which, every time he broke the fourth wall, hilarity ensued. But more than that, when Reynolds did this, I didn't see Ryan Reynolds, I saw the Deadpool character that kept speaking into the camera in Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions. Every time, he battled with Ajax, I saw the renowned assassin from the comic-books. Reynolds gives us an authentic performance that is truly worthy of the comic-book character. Furthermore, the slow-motion scenes really add to the effect. I must say, whoever decided to accompany action scenes with 80's love songs deserves a medal because quite frankly, that was genious! It was a nice little touch that just summed up the hilarious tone of the film in a nutshell and I loved that.

I have always been a fan of Morena Baccarin and she has popped up on practically everything I have watched over the years: Firefly, V, Homeland and she now currently stars as Dr. Leslie Thompkins on Gotham (oh, and she also voices the computer Gideon on The Flash). Quite the comic-book resume! Baccarin always delivers authentic performances and this is no different. As Vanessa Carlysle, she is a strong-willed, she is independent and proves that she is just as much of a badass as Wade himself.

The film is rife with hilarity throughout. It may have you asking "what kind of movie is this?" because it seems to fit into every genre: there's action, comedy (lots of comedy), romance, love, thriller elements, graphic scenes, violence and strong language...But it excels at each one! It makes no apologies for it's dark humorous tone and that sets it apart from many of the films around today.

Deadpool most certainly will not be everyone's cup of tea but it was darn sure mine and hearing the recent news that Fox have already commissioned Deadpool 2 highlights the impact of the character, the comics and now the movie! In an era where many superhero movies have become diluted and end up mimicking others like them, Deadpool has ushered in a fresh new wave of comic-book films, daring to have it's own unique voice and break the boundaries (and the fourth wall!). Overall, a highly enjoyable experience!


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