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I am a Box Office analyzer. Not a Professional one but a Better one.

Ryan Reynold's Deadpool is off to a racy start at the north american box office, grossing $ 12.7 million thursday night to score biggest preview number ever for a R rated film and th biggest for the month of February.

Previous top thursday night previews for an R rated movie belonged to the hangover part 2 ( $ 10.2 million ) , which launched over Memorial day weekend in 2011 followed by Fifty shades of grey ( $8.6 million ) a year ago on its way to scoring the top Presidents day weekend debut of all time with $93 million. Deadpol even beat Captain America : winter soldier ( $10.2 million ) and Guardians of the Galaxy ( $11.2 million ), likewise based on marvel characters .

Among last night earnings were $2.3 million from IMAX alone, the best ever posted by an IMAX title in February and sixth Highest of All time ( ahead of Furious 7)

For the four-day, last year's Fifty Shades of Grey set a new President's Day frame record with $93.0 million. Deadpool has a shot at topping that and could be looking to top $100 million by the end of the extended weekend if everything goes its way. Either way, with a fantastic start overseas as well, this is already a success for Fox and Reynolds.

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